Swamp Attack 2 v1.0.34.2004 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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Sit in one place and kill all monsters in the swamp! It sounds simple, but in reality this is quite a difficult challenge. Join Swamp Attack 2 so you can help Slow Joe defend his house against the onslaught of creatures under the swamp. Using our MOD APK version, you can get unlimited money for shopping.

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Introduce game Swamp Attack 2

The success of the first version is the driving force for Hyper Dot Studios to launch Swamp Attack 2. This is a fast-paced, dramatic gameplay. You will help Slow Joe fight mutant creatures trying to attack his beloved home. He has the right to use the gun, but this time he will need a lot of help and a lot of ammo …


Slow Joe is a pretty chubby guy. Her sagging face and face were always very grumpy and fierce. However, he is a rather dreamy person and always loves peace. He chose to live in a simple house in a forest, avoid nuisance and live in peace.

Life is not that easy! Where Slow Joe lives, there is a large swamp. For some reason, mutants appeared a lot and surrounded his home. Without time to think, he decided to take his shotgun and fight bravely. But he needs help, are you willing to lend him a hand?

Addictive gameplay

Swamp Attack 2 is a variation of the classic goalkeeper style. All you need to do is keep the base behind safe, specifically, here is Slow Joe’s house. In the face of the onslaught of a mutant, you need to handle it calmly. So how to destroy them? Very simply, you just need to touch the screen to select a target to shoot, out of bullets have to wait for reloading and so on until the scene ends.

It looks easy, but it really isn’t. Monsters have too many and limited magazine capacity. By the time you reload, they should be able to get very close. Therefore, you must think of ways to take advantage of every corner, time and choose which enemy to destroy first. The pace of the game is very fast, you must not lose focus even for just 1 second.

Variety of monsters

Swamp appears countless different mutated creatures. Evil crocodiles, grizzly bears, bloodthirsty beavers and wild rats. They not only charge towards you unconsciously, some of them also know how to use guns. The difficulty increases as they appear more and more powerful. So pick up your gun and hold on to Slow Joe’s house.

Choose your weapon

The store has a lot of weapons for you to choose from. Shotguns, rayguns, rockets, bombs, grenades … practice your aim and archery skills with a wide variety of weapons. Some guns are effective against small, nimble monsters. Meanwhile, other guns were more effective against large, slow monsters! Upgrade your gun as you launch a storm of monsters.

Explore many levels

This is an endless game! Countless levels with increasing difficulty will challenge your abilities. Start in the Deep South and play the levels to reach the Siberian swamps of China and Russia. Monsters in different regions all have their own characteristics. Therefore you will need powerful strategies to defeat these mutant creatures.

Since the difficulty in part 2 has been upgraded, you will also receive more support. On the way, the fat guy Slow Joe will be able to receive some temporary but very powerful weapons such as ammunition, bombs, mines, explosives, gasoline … These items can explode, kill. die wide range of enemies. You can use it in times of emergency, especially when the monster is nearing Slow Joe’s house.

Graphics, sound

Goalkeeper games will often have simple 2D graphics, but vivid colors. Slow Joe character design is quite humorous from facial expressions to voices. The mutant monsters are not as scary as their name suggests, but are caricatures to be more witty and lovable. The sound of gunshots, monsters in the swamp is something that makes players easily attracted. Besides, there is a fairly gentle country background music played when not in battle. All will create a comfortable and relaxing experience for players.

MOD APK version of Swamp Attack 2

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: you will receive a huge amount of money from the very beginning.

Download Swamp Attack 2 MOD APK for Android

Swamp Attack 2 is an engaging attack and defense game. Every action with guns, monsters and zombies is an interesting experience. Players who love shooting games, monster games, tower defense games, fun games and crazy characters will definitely love this one too! You are no exception!

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