ECHOES of MANA v1.13.1 Mod APK (Menu, God Mode)

Last updated: 02/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.13.1
MOD Info:Menu, God Mode
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:SQUARE ENIX Co.,Ltd
Package:Google Play Link

ECHOES of MANA was officially released after a while of being introduced. Right now, you can experience Square Enix’s extremely attractive action role-playing game.

Introducing ECHOES of MANA

Last year, ECHOES of MANA was introduced at the Tokyo Game Show event. And the unit that created it is Square Enix, the most famous mobile game company in the world today. At that time, this game was interested by many players. And you can easily see articles covering it all over social media. But it is not until now that the game is officially released.

Accordingly, ECHOES of MANA has appeared on Google Play and AppStore completely free. You can easily download and experience it. After only a few hours, the game quickly received the attention of players around the world. It can be seen that this is a really impressive game that promises to bring success to Square Enix in the near future.

Story of the game

ECHOES of MANA is developed with content based on a series of manga games with the same plot. The previous versions released were Adventures of Mana, Secret of Mana and most recently Trials of Mana. And of course, they are all created by Square Enix. In the ECHOES of MANA version, the player continues the story in the previous parts. The content of the story revolves around the main character, on a journey to learn about the divine sword Mana. In the adventure journey, the main character has to face a lot of challenges and enemies. You will accompany that main character, to discover the interesting story of the game.

Role-playing action gameplay

Basically, ECHOES of MANA is still developing the familiar action role-playing game (ARPG). The gameplay of the game is also quite similar to the previously released versions. However, with new content following the plot, you will have completely new and extremely attractive experiences. You will control your characters to fight every enemy that appears on the way. Especially the BOSSs, they are extremely powerful and difficult to destroy. You can fight together with other players to defeat them.

In this game, you control 3 characters at the same time to fight. The control method in the game still follows the Command Ring style. The left side is the button to move in all directions, and the lower right corner is the battle skill button. This is a pretty basic control of the role-playing game genre.

Character system

You will be surprised about the character system in this version of ECHOES of MANA. As introduced, the game is built with content following the Adventures of Mana, Secret of Mana and Trials of Mana versions. Therefore, you will be able to meet all the familiar characters that have appeared in those parts. And many new characters also appear in this version. Accordingly, you will see familiar names like Rabite, Flammie, Kilt, Kilte, Amanda, Sumo,…

You can mix both new and old characters together into a team. And then combine them together to fight every enemy.

In addition, the game also offers a fairly diverse item system. These items can support the character in many different aspects. For example, increase defense, reduce damage, increase attack stats… You can get items after completing quests, or buy them in the shop.

The graphics are pretty simple

As for the graphics, the ECHOES of MANA game still has the same familiar style as the previous versions. It’s a pretty simple cartoon-style 2D background. In terms of quality, this latest version is more improved, but not too much changed. The visual design part is also taken care of more meticulously and carefully. The character design is still the same as you’ve seen in the old versions.

MOD APK version of ECHOES of MANA

MOD feature

  • Mod Menu
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • Unlimited Skill Usage
  • One Hit Kill
  • Weak Enemy

Download ECHOES of MANA APK latest version for Android

In general, ECHOES of MANA still has the familiar gameplay, the image has not changed much. But with new details in the plot, you will have a new and extremely engaging experience. Right now, you can download ECHOES of MANA APK to start your adventure in this game!

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