Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games v1.0.3 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 08/04/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.3
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Borrow power from the gods to defend your base in Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games. Develop your squad stronger to protect the world together. Our MOD version will help a lot, please consider using it.

Introduce game Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games

Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games is an old style role-playing game. Besides, it is a strategic element, requiring your thinking and agility. Addictive content and features will keep you hooked from the very first experience. Don’t waste any time, join the arena now!

Addictive gameplay

Gather heroes and summon them into battles. You can upgrade their strength and find equipment for them. Step into battles and you must fend off onslaught of monsters. If the defense succeeds in all the attacks, you will pass the level. With maps of multiple regions and stages, you can experience limitless.

Build a team

Unlock new heroes and bring them to your team. Build your full lineup from assists, resistances, and damage champions. Only then can you pass continuous waves of monsters in each game screen. Bring your strongest squad into the arena and get ready to fight all the most powerful monsters.

Diverse character

The characters in the game are gods, demons, orcs, goblins, giants, .. They will lend you their supreme power to fight. Wugushi – the god of nature will give you a powerful source of energy or Fioneth – a source of infinite murder with the bow and arrow in the legend. Call them back to your team, they will help you win every victory. Besides, there are 150 other heroes from 6 factions ready to join your army.

Equip and upgrade

Each character you can bring them 6 different types of equipment. Equipment will help heroes increase their overall stats. They become stronger than ever when they have all 6 items. Mythical items will be colorful and their initial stats will be much higher. Because they are so powerful, these items are difficult to find. Fighting monsters has an item drop rate, and you can also get through events.

Upgrading your character or equipment will all bring you great power. While character upgrades only cost gold, equipment upgrades will require diamonds. Gold you can earn anywhere, but you can only earn diamonds through quests, events and achievements.

Challenging battles

You will start the battle with 5 generals, choose the most powerful generals in your collection. You will have 5 battle positions and 5 positions in the queue. The main way to play this game is to use “Roll” to upgrade heroes. Each time you use Roll, you will receive 1 of 5 heroes selected at the level of 1 star. Matching 2 1 star heroes will be 2 star heroes, 2 2 star heroes will be 3 star heroes and the same until 5 stars. You only have a total of 10 hero slots, so sell heroes that have reached 5 stars to make room for other heroes.

Team formation is also important in this game. Put heroes with short range first and vice versa. The fastest access to objects will separate them from your base at a safe distance. From there our heroes will have more time to attack. Overcome all waves of monsters that the base has not been destroyed, you will pass the level.


With idle features, this game will help you experience the easiest way. You can turn on auto-attack and auto-match. Then, in each battle you just need to Roll and line up. Without needing to perform coordination and controls, you will be able to keep up with the rushing pace of massive monster waves.


Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games with a first-person view helps you observe the whole battle scene. The characters are cute designs and flexible movements. Add to that countless maps with beautiful backgrounds, giving you a new and exciting experience.

MOD APK version of Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money :You will get infinite currency to hire heroes, infinite gold and diamonds to upgrade.

Download Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games MOD APK for Android

Certainly the fascinating gameplay of Summoner Merge TD: Tower Battle Legends Idle Games will make you unable to take your eyes off. An interesting strategy game that is very suitable for entertainment. Besides, the beautiful 3D graphics make you want to experience immediately. Download and install the APK file below to begin your journey.

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