ZOMBIE HUNTER v1.77.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 22/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:1.77.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Shoot zombies and be the last survivor in ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK! A reluctant and challenging open world awaits the bravest and most talented players.

Introducing ZOMBIE HUNTER: Offline Games

The theme of zombies has never ceased to be active in the gaming market. As one of VNG Game Studio’s addictive cyber zombie game series, ZOMBIE HUNTER is achieving great results. Huge amount of downloads per day and loads of positive reviews, this game is as much loved as Zombie Frontier 3 or The Walking Zombie 2. Pick your snip and one shot all the zombies on your way to becoming human. Ultimate Survive!

The scene is fierce

The game is about a future world in the year 2080. A zombie epidemic broke out and the post-apocalyptic world began from there. Human life is no longer what it used to be. Humans have become the target of wild and unconscious zombies. They spread the deadly virus to any target they encounter and trigger a zombie pandemic. Shooting zombies to death is all they need to do if they want to live among these walking zombies in broad daylight.

You will become a member of the zombie killing squad. Join campaigns, aim and shoot to prove that you are the best shooter in this cyber zombie offline game. Activate the heroic spirit within you, attack the wise zombies and become the killer king. Helping the world return to its original beauty is your greatest goal. But first, you need to be the last survivor!

Various types of zombies

In ZOMBIE HUNTER, there are zombies everywhere. They appear numerous and ferocious, making anyone wary. Zombie viruses are wild and dangerous, even in broad daylight. The undead are not only created with deadly skills, but also have many different shapes and states. They can crawl on the ceiling or floor to reach the target. They can attack you at any time. So, you take a gun or any weapon and destroy them. Be prepared because no one knows what life will be like after the apocalypse!

Choose a hand-tied gun

Any shooting action game must be invested in weapon systems. This game too, it has a diverse arsenal of weapons for you to choose from for each of your battles. Sniper guns, cyber guns, pistols, bows, machine guns, etc. always available. Pick a gun, hold a finger on the trigger and shoot to save your life in this addictive offline game. Killing is no longer difficult in Zombie Hunter. This zombie game offers you a perfect cyber environment to use different shooting tactics in an open zombie world! Kill zombies with one trigger and stay alive. Show your friends who the real shooter and sniper is!

Build and upgrade your base

The base is a place where you can rest after a tough battle. There, you can store weapons, food to survive. But the base is not always safe because zombies can come. They are everywhere and soon they attack to your base is not far away. Building a solid base, advanced defense is also one of the important jobs that you need to take care of!

Play offline

Most zombie games require wifi or internet connection to play. Are you looking for an offline game that can be played at any time? ZOMBIE HUNTER is the game you need to find anytime. Connect to wifi to download real content and play to the last pin. Save data and play without wifi with Zombie Hunter!

Top notch graphics

ZOMBIE HUNTER gives you a great graphic experience of the survival shooter genre. With breathtaking visuals using the latest Android technology, realistic shooting effects are rendered surreal in different maps or attacks. Diverse zombie design, many genres and quite unique appearance. Smooth action, flexible aiming thanks to the game’s quality animations. Every detail is so perfect, I believe everyone feels the same way!


MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK latest version for Android

There is no reason why you should turn down the ZOMBIE HUNTER experience! I believe it has got the best elements of the shooting action genre. From graphics to gameplay, all are carefully and perfectly invested. Download  ZOMBIE HUNTER, play for free and offline now! Get ready for the apocalypse and save your life from the zombie virus day war!

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