OrderZero v4.2.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 02/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.2.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Your city is in danger at an alarming rate! Download OrderZero MOD APK now so you can destroy monsters and regain people’s daily lives. This is an action game with beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay that you should not miss.

Introduce game OrderZero

Recently, IKINA GAMES has launched a new action game called OrderZero. Set in a devastated city, you will be participating in many exciting action scenes along the way. This game also impresses with pretty quality graphics with many visual effects created from modern technology. Diverse game content, many features, missions and achievements. To learn more about it, let’s find out with us now!

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Beautiful and attractive action game that you should not miss


Biological experiments have always made the human world many great inventions. But on the contrary, it also creates many unpredictable consequences. Experimental creatures after evolving, they mutated their appearance and became more aggressive. The city sinks deeper and deeper into destruction because they reproduce extremely quickly. At the same time, the destructive power is also many times greater in just a short time. Now, you are assigned the mission of the century, destroy all the monsters and regain your normal peaceful life. With the help of many modern weapons, can you succeed?


In OrderZero, you will be set up with 6 equipment slots to upgrade your strength. Includes main weapon, shirt, ring, jewelry, pet and finally fashion. In the early stages, you can easily get weapons, armor and pets. These are the basic equipment for you to start your first battle. During the game, you will receive the remaining equipment to increase many other stats.

Each equipment can also be upgraded to multiply the power. This game has only one way to upgrade is to add equipment. For example, the main weapon, it will be +0 when you have just collected it. Then you can spend money to upgrade it to +10, +20 or higher depending on the protagonist’s level. Adding equipment will cause it to increase all base stats by many times.

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Diverse equipment system

Skill setting

You can learn various skills to fight monsters. In addition to the main skill of the character, you can also use a few special items to destroy them. Even so, the skill’s use couldn’t be continuous because it required a cooldown. When using items, you can use them indefinitely, but buying them is quite expensive. Do not overuse items, both lose the beauty of the game and cost money.

Your pet also has its own skills. Depending on the type of pet you collect, it has different skills. They will act freely and automatically, you do not need to control. Upgrade your pet so that they help you clean up too small in a split second.

Exciting action gameplay

The main gameplay in OrderZero is combat action across the maps. You will control your character to enter each map according to the game progress. Each map will include many levels, the boss will be on the last level. Therefore, you need to make sure the remaining health is enough to enter the boss stage. Monsters will continuously attack if you appear in their attack range. You just need to move the character to dodge the attacks and use the weapon to destroy them. It looked pretty simple, but the monster’s high attack speed and speed wasn’t easy to dodge.

This game has tons of maps that you can explore. The plot also gradually unfolds each time you complete a certain map. The final boss will be extremely difficult challenge, you cannot defeat it easily. You may not even be able to complete the game if the power is not enough. Work hard to complete tasks and events to receive many powerful equipment and have a chance to defeat the final boss.

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Diverse Boss, many challenges are waiting for players

Great graphics

We are quite impressed with the graphics of OrderZero. 3D images with many eye-catching effects create great action scenes in the game. You will feel excited by its graphics from the first time you look at it. The diverse, beautiful game’s character design, equipment, and background combined with the perfect sound make for a great action game.

MOD APK version of OrderZero

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money

Download OrderZero MOD APK for Android

To sum up, OrderZero MOD APK is a good and exciting action game with a high tempo. Beautiful images with 3D graphics, diverse boss designs. Especially the eye-catching skills created from countless visual effects will make you excited. Do not hesitate any longer, download this game now and write the historical story of girls against evil enemies!

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