Misguided Never Back Home APK v126 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 07/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:126
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 5.1+
Publisher:JEVO Games
Package:Google Play Link

For those who love the horror game genre, Misguided Never Back Home APK is a high-quality game project. With beautiful 3D graphics, realistic sounds and effects, your escape will be more dramatic than ever!

Introducing Misguided Never Back Home

Misguided Never Back Home APK is a horror game with full 3D graphics and smooth visuals for Android. It has Asian colors and tells the story of a high school girl in Indonesia. Because of bad luck, she fell into a deadly trap. You will role-play her and act, find the clues and decipher it. How will this dangerous and challenging journey turn out? It’s up to you to decide, but first, let’s learn more about this game!

The plot

This game will tell you the story of Sylvia, who is a high school girl. Due to a coincidence, she fell into a deadly trap that was arranged. It seems that this is another world, it is quite mysterious and full of strange and scary creatures. Sylvia tries to find her only acquaintance here, which is her best friend. With that, Sylvia also wanted to find out what exactly was going on here. Most importantly, she wanted to find a way back home. This journey will have many scary challenges, but Sylvia still has to be brave to face…

Background of the game

Misguided Never Back Home is a horror game, so it has a rather scary setting. This journey of finding your way home will be more difficult when you are placed in an unfamiliar location. It’s like another world, so your search is also quite difficult. Moreover, the scene here is always in the dark, hindering your search and observation. Mutant and horror monsters are constantly appearing and they will attack if they detect your existence.

Many places to explore

The map in the game is extremely large and mysterious. The locations are adjacent to each other and you have to remember the location of each explored place yourself. This is also a challenge for players of Misguided Never Back Home. You have to find the exit for each location yourself, open the door to a new map and continue to explore. Because of the large map, it will take you a lot of time to move.

Find the clues and decipher

You will find a lot of important data on which to figure out how to get out of here. It could be a piece of information, an item or meeting someone. The mysteries will gradually be revealed and you will have to link the information you have to decipher. But this is not easy, because there are many factors hindering you. Logic problems appear constantly in the game, your reasoning talent and smart brain will have to work at maximum capacity.

Dramatic action gameplay

In addition to having to solve puzzles, you also have to act to escape the monsters. Your quest for clues will always be hindered by many horror monsters. You can pick up weapons and fight them in many ways. However, you should only confront them if you are forced into a situation. Prioritize avoiding their sight to minimize the risk of being defeated. You will control Sylvia to move, fight or flee in 3rd person.

Language support

The original version of the game is Indonesian, so it will have the language of this country. In order for Misguided Never Back Home to reach more players, the publisher has added the English language. This is the most popular language, the most reasonable choice currently. It is expected that the publisher will add some other languages to make this game more known.

Graphics of Misguided Never Back Home

Misguided Never Back Home has quite quality 3D graphics with many smooth images. In the 3rd person perspective, you will see the map overview. The horror images cover the game with high realism. Especially the background, it has many scary images, dark colors and mysteries. The game’s sound is so realistic that you can hear the character’s breathing, and the soundtrack creates a thrill. Every time you are in danger, the background music becomes more intense to increase the drama of each action.

Download Misguided Never Back Home APK free for Android

Misguided Never Back Home APK gives you a lot of dramatic action. Horror element with many realistic images, suitable for players who like thrills. Challenging quests, terrifying monsters and unsolved mysteries are waiting for you to discover. Can you handle it all and help Sylvia find a way back home? Download the game now and join us on this journey!

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