FOG v0.53.0 Mod APK (Damage/Defense)

Last updated: 26/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.53.0
MOD Info:Damage/Defense
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

How many epic royal battles can you survive? Choose your favorite hero, stand firm on all fronts and claim the ultimate victory. Call to action and match up with your friends in online modes. If you love the top action game genre, FOG MOD APK is the perfect choice!

Introduce game FOG

FOG MOD APK is a brand new fantasy mobile game this year. It is a combination of MOBA and RPG genres. These are the two most popular game genres today and the combination definitely makes for an absolutely amazing game. Millions of players are ready to cooperate, even against you. Enter the fantasy world and you need to do many ways to survive.

FOG APK 888x500
Choose the hero you like and join epic battles

Combination of MOBA and RPG

MOBA is an online multiplayer game. This gameplay is very popular in recent years, such as League Of Legends, Mobile Legends Bang Bang… RPG is bold role-playing and long, attractive storyline. FOG is the perfect combination between two of today’s most popular game genres. Just listening to it, maybe a lot of players have imagined and a thrilling, dramatic and exciting game every moment. We believe, FOG will create many unique content that you have never experienced.


FOG is set in medieval warfare. At that time, a lot of interesting ancient weapons were born for you to experience. A bow, sword or spear all help you survive in epic battles. With that, you will travel through an age of knights, wizards, mysteries and adventure. The battle locations are all in a magical fantasy world shrouded in deadly fog. In that context, what will you do to stay alive?

Survival wars

Coming to FOG, it’s always a challenge for you! Explosive battles, more than 30 online players are waiting for you. If you don’t want to be in the fog of death, pick up your weapon and fight. You can hide, you can attack, run away or anything else to survive. No matter who is the enemy, don’t lose focus! Survival is your ultimate goal, fight with players, fight with fog.

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Choose weapons and fight with intuitive controls

To survive and stand on the battlefield, you must upgrade your skills. You will clash with all the enemies and have to stay away from the fog. Don’t forget, you can claim all the trophies and move up to the top of the Battle Royale global leaderboard. Last but not least is the extremely attractive multiplayer battle arena.

You can join a tournament or create your own. Winning tournaments will greatly increase your honor score. That is also the cumulative number of points so that you can climb high on the world rankings. Get many valuable prizes every season, which is also the goal of millions of other online players.

Map system, equipment

Mysterious places are always waiting for you to discover in FOG. Each map contains many interesting stories and epic bosses. If you’ve always been in the dark about dominance, kill all your enemies in both the PvP arena and the story mode. Epic artifacts and equipment also help you increase your strength. You will collect a lot of equipment as the story progresses. If you are lucky, you will get the most powerful epic legendary equipment in the game.

FOG MOD 888x500
Many locations, many game modes are extremely attractive


Choose your weapon and master every skill your character has. FOG requires players to control and manipulate their own characters. Therefore, individual skills are extremely important, alongside smart tactics. The control configuration in the game has been designed to be minimalistic and reasonable. As a result, you can manipulate more smoothly and perform many complex skill combos. The surprise that you bring in controlling the character will make many opponents be wary.


Although set in the Middle Ages, FOG has modern graphics. This improvement brings new visuals in the game. Vivid 3D graphics with many beautiful skill effects will surely make you excited. We are also impressed with the way the publisher designed the characters in the game. Quality epic heroes, beautiful to the eye and exuding limitless power. The equipment sets also make them constantly change their appearance. Finally, the soundtrack from the soundtrack and the inspirational battle sounds.

MOD APK version of FOG

MOD features

  • Increased Damage
  • Increase Defense
  • Remove Ads

Download FOG MOD APK for Android

Exciting, thrilling adventures are waiting for you in the FOG MOD APK game. This game created by MOBA and RPG genre will give you a wonderful experience of a unique magical fantasy world. Play is never boring with millions of players online. Every match is a fierce battle for survival, download the game and take action now!

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