PS Girls Deluxe v1.0.2 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 26/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.2
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Package:Google Play Link

PS Girls Deluxe MOD APK is an action role-playing game with extremely diverse and attractive gameplay. You are transported to a large universe, fighting enemies, and even dating your warriors.

Introducing PS Girls Deluxe

This game is developed by LT Games, a new game company that has emerged recently. In the previous article, we introduced one of their games, Lord of Lewds. In that game, you experience an extremely attractive strategic gameplay. Coming to PS Girls Deluxe this time, you can enjoy a variety of gameplay with many fascinating love scenes.

PS Girls Deluxe is not released on official app stores like Google Play. It was released on the Nutaku platform. You can play directly on their web platform, or download the APK for Android. And in this article, we bring you PS Girls Deluxe MOD APK version with many modified features.

The plot of the game

In PS Girls Deluxe, you are transported to a vast universe far away. You will start an adventure in space with modern spaceships. In space, you have to face a lot of different dangers. And the spaceship war in a vast universe broke out. You are a commander, you must gather brave soldiers to fight with you. You think those soldiers are muscular guys? Is not! They are extremely beautiful and hot girls. This is not only a game about space war, but also a game of dating between you and your soldiers.

Multiple game modes

With the main gameplay being action and combat, the game offers many different game modes. You can play according to the main storyline, performing assigned tasks every day. Or take part in the Conquest, Campaign, Exploration, Arena and Military Battle modes. Each game mode has its own attractions and unique requirements in terms of strategy and gameplay.

In any mode, you must have a reasonable strategy. Choose for yourself the most powerful spaceships, the most loyal soldiers to fight the enemy.

Character system

Coming to the game, you can choose for yourself a powerful army with loyal soldiers. They are extremely beautiful girls and will do anything for you. You are their commander and leader, so all their tasks and jobs are decided by you. Collect each character to have the most powerful army, ready for any battle.

Currently, the game has up to 50 characters for you to collect for your army. Each character has their own appearance and fighting style. In those characters, each has a unique role. Someone is a spaceship captain, someone is a combat soldier, a caring doctor, or a robot combat operator… But they all have in common that they all have enchanting beauty, and the commander. Just like you are captivated by them.

Chat and flirt with your girls

Each character in the game has its own story to discover. In such a large character system, you can choose any girl to chat with. After each stressful battle, they are ready to serve you to relieve fatigue. You can date them, even make them do whatever you want. Of course, those choices are available in the main plot. Thereby, you will enjoy hundreds of extremely romantic “dating” scenes between the main character and those beautiful girls.

Beautiful pictures

Overall, the PS Girls Deluxe game is developed with 2D graphics, quite good quality. The battles in the game are designed like other action games. But the character creation, and the “dating” cutscenes are the most interesting. The warriors are extremely beautiful girls. Every girl is shaped with a beautiful and attractive appearance of their own. In particular, they have hot bodies like famous models. And the “dating” scenes are designed in beautiful 3D simulation. You will surely be mesmerized by those cutscenes.

MOD APK version of PS Girls Deluxe

MOD feature

  • Menu
  • DMG x1 – x100
  • DEF x1 – x100

Download PS Girls Deluxe MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, PS Girls Deluxe continues to be a high-quality game that LT Games made. Surely anyone who plays the game will be addicted by its attractive gameplay. Especially single guys, they will feel happy to date pretty girls, even if it’s just a game. And right here will be the link to download PS Girls Deluxe MOD APK game for you!

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