Squid.io v1.1.8 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

Last updated: 04/11/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.8
MOD Info:Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Recently, the Korean movie “Squid Game” is creating a big fever in many countries around the world. Among them, the folk games have been improved to make it more attractive and dramatic. Now you can directly join all the games in that movie when you download Squid.io MOD APK. Join thousands of other players and you will make it to the finish line first.

You can watch “Squid Game” in full HD for free at Neflix (The Netflix APK version is pre-registered to use).

Introduce game Squid.io

Since Netflix released the movie “Squid Game”, many people have been curious about the games in it. In fact, these are all popular folk games in East Asian countries. Because the heat of these games spread so widely, Wogames released the game Squid.io. This game converges all the folk games in “Squid Game”. With completely original mechanics, you’ll have the same authentic experience as yourself as one of the 456 players in the movie. What are you waiting for, let’s explore it now!

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Graphics are exactly like in the movie

Join thousands of other players

Playing alone with the robots will lose the appeal of this game. Therefore, Squid.io allows thousands of players to connect with each other. They will play on the same map and gradually eliminate each game. Here, you can also pair up with other players to overcome them all together. There are many different maps that are constantly active, you can join any location.

Many levels

A game will have an infinite number of levels, until the top of the last players is found. For example, in the game “Green Light, Red Light”, it has hundreds of levels. The difficulty will gradually increase to be able to quickly find the best. When finding the top 5, the game will end and the reward will be given to them. Also, the higher the level, the bigger the reward. A lot of bonuses are waiting for you to take home when you win.

Main game

In Squid Game, there are 6 different games, every game is extremely attractive. The most attractive and attractive games for players are “Green Light, Red Light”. Let’s learn more about this game with us!

Description of the game

“Green light, Red light” is a friendly and attractive folk game. It is simulated based on a real traffic light. In Squid.io, a doll will run this match. This is not a cute real life doll like you usually see. The doll in “Green Light, Red Light” is ready to bring death to those who violate the rules of the game or fail. Sticking to the action of the doll, you must try to run to the finish line as quickly as possible. Playtime is limited, you need to finish before getting the grim ending if the clock counts down to the last second.

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The most loved game in Squid Game

Game rules of “Green Light, Red Light”

Tap the screen to move your character to the finish line. Within 3 minutes, you must step over the red line near the doll that controls the game. When the doll counts from 1 to 10, try to run as fast as possible. But when it turns you have to stop moving immediately. You will become invisible to the doll if you don’t move when it turns its head.

Only the last 5 people or the earliest to reach the finish line can survive. If not in the top, bad things will come to you. The doll will increase the counting speed continuously to increase the difficulty of the game. What you need to care about is the speed and sensitivity of this creepy doll in counting beats. Or it can be roughly understood that you need to move stealthily but quickly to reach the finish line. If you have watched “Squid Game”, you will understand better the drama of this game.

Some other games

The remaining games will be continuously updated to send to players. We’ll go over the rest of the games so you can get a better idea of how to play them.

  • Tug of war: 20 people divided into two teams will compete in tug of war on a bridge. In the middle is a space, if the team loses, it will fall and end. You will pair up with other players in the map at random.
  • Walk through the glass bridge: There will be squares on the glass bridge for players to cross. Each 2 glass panes in front of the eyes will have one less durable cell. The player will fall if standing on that glass. This is a game based on luck, but there will be some points of interest for you to rely on.

Currently, Squid.io has only updated these 2 games in addition to “Green Light, Red Light”. These are two games that can be easily manipulated, suitable for the design of the phone. Other games are still being updated by the publisher Wogames, it is certain that it will come out soon. Please regularly visit Redmod.co to update the new version as soon as possible!

Graphics, sound

Squid.io has beautiful, vivid graphics and realistic sounds. Thanks to that, you will feel the attraction of each game in Squid Game. The characters with square box style are extremely cute and funny. The design of the games in Squid.io is also simple, easy to control and easy to play. Even if you’ve never seen Squid Game, you can understand the games quickly. The game scene is set up similar to the original movie, giving you the most realistic feeling.

MOD APK version of Squid.io

MOD Features

  • All interfaces are open
  • Unlimited money
  • Ads removed
  • You can get free stuff without seeing ads.

Reviews from players

Let’s see how players rate Squid.io with us!

“So much fun! The games in here are simple and engaging. I’ve been sitting all night just playing Green Light, Red Light. It’s hard to get in the top 5 when there are so many players in a match. I know Squid. io after watching Squid Game, both the movie and the game are great!Thanks to the publisher for making the games in this movie available to everyone!”

“Still waiting for the publisher to release games number 5 and 6. The rest of the games I have played too much. Now I just want a new game to experience.”

“The game is good, but there are a lot of ads. Every screen is an ad that appears to make me feel uncomfortable. Hopefully the publisher can reduce the performance of the ad display to make players more comfortable. As for the content Using the game, I am extremely satisfied. The games are attractive and attractive.”

Download Squid.io MOD APK for Android

The heat of the movie Squid Game is undeniable, so the game Squid.io becomes even more attractive. The simple folk games, but now improved, make it more attractive than ever. In particular, you can also play with thousands of people around the world in each game. Realistic images and sounds help you feel like you are really participating in life and death games. Squid.io is completely inspired by Squid Game, becoming one of the most popular games of 2021 that you should not miss!

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