Private Session : Me&U v2.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, Resources)

Last updated: 18/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, Resources
Requires:Android 6.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Private Session : Me&U MOD APK is a role-playing simulation game, letting you experience an unprecedented romantic love story. It’s a love story between a beautiful girl and four handsome guys.

Introduce about Private Session : Me&U

Day7 is the developer and publisher of this Private Session : Me&U game for Android and iOS platforms. Not long ago, we also introduced another of their products, which is the game Puppet Boss. Most of the game company’s products are developed according to visual novel simulation gameplay.

The plot of the game

In the game Private Session : Me&U, you play as the main character, a beautiful girl. You are in the last semester of university. But when the time is coming to an end, you have to join a group project, which you do not want. You just want to graduate as quickly as possible, so this mission is mandatory. Because it’s a request from your university. But you can’t believe that this group activity will bring so many changes to you.

In Team Project, you get to team up with four new characters. Those are four handsome guys with mesmerizing charm. In the process of working on this project, you develop feelings for those charming guys. And a lot of stories take place around the relationship of 5 people. You could date one of them, even all four of those guys. But that will depend on how you play!

Exploration simulation gameplay

We have introduced quite a lot about the gameplay of the visual novel or otome game genre. They all have the same gameplay, but the difference comes from the plot. Join the game, you will accompany the main character to explore the plot in your own way. You will read each conversation, narration to be able to immerse yourself in the most authentic way into the game. You then have to make decisions for the life you are impersonating. Just like the object until you complete the plot.

Decide for your life

Participating in the game Private Session : Me&U, you can live a unique life of your own. There will be no set standards for your love or relationships. Like in real life, you should just find yourself a life partner to love. But in the game, you can love many guys at the same time. Specifically, in this introduced game you will date all four of those guys.

To be able to actively date any guy, you have to set goals for yourself. When you have a goal, you think carefully before making your decisions and choices. Because every time you choose, the plot will change in the direction of the decision you make. So you are free to explore the game the way you think.

Explore different endings

Since it’s a Private Session : Me&U game that lets you decide your fate through choices, you won’t be able to predict the ending. After each choice, the story that happens next will change without you being able to predict. So the game has up to 12 different endings for the pre-built storyline. You can completely replay after you’ve finished, and make new choices to create a new ending according to your wishes.

MOD APK version of Private Session : Me&U

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold, Ruby
  • Unlimited Resources

Download Private Session : Me&U MOD APK latest version for 2022

Private Session : Me&U brings a new and extremely attractive storyline. Still the theme of love, but players are still extremely excited with this new game of Day7. How about you? If you like it, you can download the Private Session : Me&U MOD APK version to experience it now!

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