Valley: Cooking Games & Design v0.56 Mod APK (Free Shopping)

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Latest Version:0.56
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
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Valley: Cooking Games & Design is an adventure and entry game with extremely attractive food theme. This game will satisfy your passion for food and restaurant business!

Introducing Valley: Cooking Games & Design

This game is developed by TheAppGuruz company. Most of the games by this developer are food-themed, and are also loved by many players. Coming to Valley: Cooking Games & Design, you will enjoy gameplay that combines role-playing, adventure, and simulation. In addition, the story in the game is also very unique, will definitely make you attracted to this game.

Interesting story about the King of Culinary

The story takes place in the Valley, the culinary capital of the world. It was founded and developed by Henry Van Loon. And the biggest restaurant is named Van Loon. He is a famous chef with natural talent. He is even considered by other famous chefs as the best chef in the world. Many other chefs have come to the Valley to follow him. But then when he passed away from old age, Van Loon restaurant had deteriorated and was no longer as prosperous as when he was alive. This place needs a renovation and new, needs a professional and creative chef. Are you that person?

Naturally, you will be chosen to inherit the largest restaurant in the world and Mr. Henry has left. You play as the main character, Emma. She was originally just a poor chef, but because of her passion and enthusiasm for the profession, she has proven her talent in the culinary industry. The most memorable event of her life was defeating the world’s greatest chef then, Edger Drake. And then she went on a mission to renovate and redevelop Van Loon restaurant and Valley food street!

Renovate and grow your restaurant

As introduced, your task in this game is to help Emma renovate, decorate and redevelop her restaurant. Starting the game, you can see that the restaurant is too old and classic. So you need to refresh it in a more modern and luxurious style.

This is not only a food game, but also a design game. That is shown by the selection of materials and furniture for the restaurant. You can choose styles, colors as well as different types of furniture to make the restaurant more beautiful, newer. Let’s design the whole restaurant in a certain style. And the furniture, paint color must be related to each other. The colors of everything need to be coordinated. A room with too many colors only makes it more gaudy and lacks aesthetics. Overall, it depends on your aesthetic.

Once the renovation is done, your next task is development. By creating new dishes and new recipes, the restaurant will gradually be loved again. Let’s learn and create typical dishes of many different cultures, to attract more customers.

Character customization

Quite surprising that Valley: Cooking Games & Design also allows you to customize the character. The main character Emma is a beautiful girl, you can customize her appearance a bit. For example, costumes, facial hair color, … The game gives you a pretty diverse inventory of costumes for you to choose from.

Diverse culinary background

As the most famous food street in the world, of course the Valley must have an extremely diverse culinary scene. Visitors from all over the world come here, and they need to enjoy the cuisine of different cultures. Because each place has their own unique, traditional dishes.

Therefore, cook and serve American, French, Japanese, Indian, Chinese food… Customers can enjoy seafood at Peaky pirates and Tasty BBQ at Pool side BBQ restaurant. And many other unique and attractive dishes are waiting for you to discover.

Eye-catching images

This is a game that combines simulation, interior design, cooking, cuisine,… So the images in the game are designed in detail and eye-catching. First, about the interior system and restaurant decorations, you can choose from many different types, with different styles. Each type of furniture will be related to each other, in terms of shape as well as color.

And most importantly, it’s the food in the restaurant. Even though it’s just a game, it still has to be designed so that the dishes look as attractive as possible. Otherwise, players will feel unattractive about a cooking game. Overall, this game only possesses 2D graphics. But the image displayed is sharp and the colors are bright, certainly not disappointing you.

Summary of main features

  • The touching story of chef Emme, the heir to the most famous restaurant in the world;
  • Become the best chef and make the Valley neighborhood the hottest place;
  • Refresh your restaurant in your own style with thousands of design options;
  • Customize your character’s appearance;
  • Learn cuisines from around the world;
  • Cooking French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese,…
  • Satisfy your passion for cooking;
  • Manage time sensibly with Boosters;
  • And many more interesting features…

MOD APK version of Valley: Cooking Games & Design

MOD features

Free Shopping: You can shop for free with real money. (Works with the Internet enabled and authorized in Google services).

Download Valley: Cooking Games & Design MOD APK latest for Android

Overall, Valley: Cooking Games & Design is an extremely worth playing game. It is suitable for those who love to cook, interior design, or restaurant business… If you can do all that well, you are definitely a business person, and have a career. Exquisite interior designers! Right here, we bring the Valley: Cooking Games & Design MOD APK download link for you.

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