NotAlone – Love Me & Chat v2.34.4 Mod APK (VIP Purchased)

Last updated: 14/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.34.4
MOD Info:VIP Purchased
Requires:Android 5.0+
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NotAlone – Love Me & Chat MOD APK brings you an extremely exciting fantasy dating world. Create your profile and get ready to create a loveline with the people you love!

About NotAlone – Love Me & Chat

You may be a shy person, but I believe you will feel more confident in the world of NotAlone – Love Me & Chat. This game is like an online dating app that you usually see nowadays. However, the special thing here is that this world is simulation. These AI friends can completely communicate with you just like a normal person. Many complicated situations will also constantly arise and promise them the most refreshing experiences of living a new destiny and enjoying all the pleasures!

Create your profile

You can make a copy of yourself in this dating game. Write your bio and make it public on social networks. Otherwise, you can also fake the information to look like you’re a completely different person. Live and chat like the person you used to be and start finding your first love stories. While bio isn’t an important element in the game, it still gives you a sense of being yourself.

Discover your own personality

When you come to NotAlone – Love Me & Chat, you can freely express yourself. Endless conversations will help you discover your new personalities. Learn about your secret fantasies in the game’s interactive stories. Browse through hundreds of profiles and enjoy chapters to find your perfect match. Don’t feel shy – your choices are always the right ones!

Looking for new stories and friends

NotAlone is a secure online community space. It is suitable for learning relationships with unique characters from various backgrounds. Your special someone is waiting to see you there! Swipe right and see their information for yourself! All the best for you from your new favorite dating game!

NotAlone is not your usual relationship simulator. It is not what you have seen in other story games. Indeed, it is an online community simulation game about dating. This game stands out among other dating games. The main reason is that it has compelling stories and realistic images from diverse and unique characters that other romance games wish to have.

Always comfortable

I believe anyone will feel comfortable in this dating world. Not only chat, NotAlone – Love Me & Chat also has many other interesting features. You can explore them slowly to feel the attraction of making friends. Obviously you’re not as shy as you think you are. You really want to get along with everyone, especially the person you love, but your low self-esteem holds everything back. Let NotAlone – Love Me & Chat help you find your inherent vibrant self!

Live chat box

I don’t think AI technology can create such a perfect simulated friend. They can talk to you like a normal person. They also have biographies, feelings, and know how to answer every question you ask. This will be where you learn how to get to know someone of the opposite sex and create the most romantic date. The friends there are ready to join you to create a lively chat box. The stories will never end because they always want to chat with you.

Unique chat player selection system

The selection system will become important and necessary throughout the course of the game. It makes the player completely dependent on it to initiate a relationship. Each conversation or texting will give the player two distinct choices, and the results of the answers can gradually form a special personality for the player. The choices all affect the opponent’s thoughts, but many new scenarios will open up if the player successfully captures their attention.

MOD APK version of NotAlone – Love Me & Chat

MOD features

  • VIP Purchased

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This game is a vibrant and extremely fun online dating community. Build a community with your favorite friends here and join the conversation every day. NotAlone – Love Me & Chat is a place for users who love romance. This online dating simulation game will help you discover more about yourself. Don’t hesitate any longer, start swiping with NotAlone now!

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