Where’s Tess v0.1.81.27 Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets, Crowns)

Last updated: 12/12/2022 (2 years ago)

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MOD Info:Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets, Crowns
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:Playcore Publishing
Package:Google Play Link

Where’s Tess is a visual novel simulation game, with extremely eye-catching Anime style images. This game brings a unique storyline with interesting details for you to explore.

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Introducing Where’s Tess

In our life, almost everyone has their own dream. But for many different reasons, and many people cannot fulfill their dreams. Because of certain constraints, they cannot stop their current job to fulfill their passion. There are also people who have an active personality, they can stop everything to start over with passion, realizing the dream they still expect. That is the story of the main character in this Where’s Tess game. A strong girl, personality and dare to do what she likes.

Where’s Tess is developed by Playcore Publishing, and it is the latest product from this game company. It still carries the familiar gameplay of the otome genre, but the game’s plot is highly appreciated by many players. You can learn more about it through the introduction below.


As mentioned above, the story in the game tells about a girl with a strong personality who dares to leave everything to fulfill her dreams and passions. She is Tess. Before that, she just did a normal office job. Tess felt bored about that job. She always wanted to take a trip around the world and become a famous vlogger. She wants to discover the most beautiful things in this world. Cultures, food, music… in many different countries. And especially finding the love of my life.

And Tess had the courage to stop her current job, to start a journey to explore the world. She travels to different places, captures memorable moments and shares them on social media. You will join Tess, and go on a trip around the world with her.

Explore the world

Your dream is to visit the most famous places in the world. Wherever you are, you also want to explore and learn interesting things in that place. And your travel journey has begun. You will arrive at famous places like Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Eiffel Tower in Paris or beaches all over Thailand… And many more beautiful places are waiting for you to visit.

Explore different cultures

Coming to each place, you get to learn about the cultures of those places. Each country or locality has its own traditions and culture that you have never known. You will be able to explore those interesting cultures, adding to your knowledge. And each place has its own cuisine, music or festivals with the identity of that region. Don’t forget to take a photo or record a video, and share it on social media to save your memories.

Get to know and date new friends

In each place, in addition to discovering new cultures, you also get to meet new friends. Everywhere there are friends who are friendly, sociable and lovely. They are ready to chat and help you whenever you need it. And those friends will be your exclusive tour guide, every time you visit their country. The special thing here is that you can create relationships with those characters. Can be just friends, or can flirt with someone if you want. There are also guys who like you, and take the initiative to ask you out. And of course, you can choose anyone, as long as you feel like it.

Play your way

Game Where’s Tess owns a unique plot with lots of interesting content. And your adventure and discovery journey has many different activities. At the same time you meet many new friends, create new relationships. And how that relationship is entirely up to you to decide. In each place, you have to make decisions for what happens. For example, choosing to go somewhere, or agreeing to date someone… You can choose according to your preferences, but that choice can affect the desires and goals you set out there. that story.

MOD APK version of Where’s Tess

MOD features

  • Unlimited Diamonds, Tickets
  • Unlimited Crowns

Download Where’s Tess MOD APK latest versionfor Android

Where’s Tess is a really engaging role-playing simulation game. If you also have a dream to make a round trip around the world but you can’t, play this game. You will feel like you are exploring the world in a realistic way, if you really get into the role of the main character. Right now, you can download Where’s Tess MOD APK to experience it!

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