School Girl Apartment Paradise v3.1.11 Mod APK (Free Points)

Last updated: 18/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.11
MOD Info:Free Points
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Package:Google Play Link

School Girl Apartment Paradise MOD APK is a newly released role-playing simulation game. It brings you extremely addictive gameplay, letting you explore a unique storyline about love.

About School Girl Apartment Paradise

School Girl Apartment Paradise is published by Genius Studio Japan Inc. They are a well-known developer for visual novel-style simulation games. Most of their games share the same gameplay, but still have their own appeal thanks to the unique content and storyline. And School Girl Apartment Paradise continues to be a simulation game, you will discover a fascinating love novel.

The plot of the game

In the game, you play the role of the game’s main character, a male student. You have just completed your first year of university final exams. You are preparing for a short-term internship abroad. Near the date of departure, you encounter a problem that needs to be resolved, having to postpone your trip abroad.

Your grandmother suddenly fell ill and you were assigned to look after her apartment complex. That’s where she rented a lot of girls to live. You realize this apartment complex is full of girls, and even a yakuza boss. He wants to demolish this apartment complex with a crazy purpose. You must stop his evil plot.

Meanwhile, you meet beautiful girls and get to know them. It’s a surprise that three girls are especially interested in you. They all have feelings for you and treat you very well while you are here. And then the stories surrounding the 4 main characters take place in that apartment complex. As for the end of the story, whether you will find true love or not depends on how you play.

Character system

In the content of the game, you are exposed to three main characters. They will accompany you through many stories and many thrilling and attractive situations. The three of them are:


Ai is an extremely beautiful and charming girl. She was born into an elite family in Tokyo and holds an MBA in business administration. In addition, she is also a famous actress and photo model. Therefore, she has pride in both her beauty and her talent. But she has financial problems. Her goal is to design her own home and move in with someone she trusts. Can you be the other half of her life?


Risa is an active female student and also possesses a very beautiful appearance. But Lisa’s appearance has a strong and attractive style thanks to her shining smile. She loves to play sports, and always tries to compete in major sports tournaments. Both beautiful and talented, she also has a large fan base. Every time she competes, she is cheered by a large crowd. Can you win her heart?


Michiko is Risa’s mother. She is a single mother who desperately wants to be in love again. She always hopes to find a second person to make her feel happy, after the first love did not have a good result. But because she has children, she is afraid to find new love. But when you appear, she gradually develops feelings for you. Will you accept her concern, and give your love to Michiko?

Role-playing simulation gameplay

School Girl Apartment Paradise still has the familiar exploration simulation gameplay. You play as the main character and explore the story through each conversation and narrator. In the game there will be many situations that take place, and you have to make choices and decisions for that situation. After each choice, the plot will change in a new direction. Therefore, the end of the story will have many surprises that you cannot predict.

Illustrating images

In terms of images, the game School Girl Apartment Paradise is still designed like the games that Genius has released before. It’s still an eye-catching Anime-style image. Especially the character creation. You will be attracted by the enchanting beauty of 3 girls in the game.

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MOD APK version of School Girl Apartment Paradise

MOD features

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Download School Girl Apartment Paradise MOD APK latest version for Android

School Girl Apartment Paradise takes you to a fascinating story, with many thrilling details. Surely you will not be disappointed when experiencing this game. You can download it now via the link below.

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