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Last updated: 18/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.1.5
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Requires:Android 5.0+
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Coming to Memories: My Story, My Choice, you can participate in many different stories. In each story there will be a lot of interesting things for you to learn. Love triangles, romantic love stories,… and many other fascinating content are waiting for you to discover.

Introduce about Memories: My Story, My Choice

As you know, Visual Novel-style simulation games are loved by many players nowadays. But most of those games have a single storyline. And when the player fully explores the story, the game will end. That makes players feel disappointed and regretful. But with Memories: My Story, My Choice, you can unleash adventure in love stories. This game gives you many different stories for you to role-play and play as your new life.

Choose your favorite story

As introduced above, the game gives you a choice of many stories to explore. Each story has different interesting content and details. The end of each story will leave you with many memories and regrets. In the upcoming updates, the developer also adds new more engaging stories. And here are the fascinating stories that are in Memories: My Story, My Choice.

Red White Cinderella

This story is inspired by Isekai, the Japanese fantasy genre. The content tells about the main character is a beautiful girl. Originally, she was just an ordinary girl, but an accident brought her to a fantasy world. Which she herself couldn’t believe. She became a noble princess just after an accident. And her love story begins from there.

As a noble princess, you are respected and loved by all the people. In it, the two princes are also infatuated with your beauty. Both guys are after you in their own way. So who do you choose to date?

Dream! Fashion Star

You are a beautiful girl with a gorgeous body. And you have a dream of becoming a professional fashion model. Having an outstanding appearance, you have overcome many challenges and practiced to enter the auditions and competitions to become a professional model. Your journey to becoming a fashion star goes through many hardships, but there are also sweet loves.

In your journey to become a world famous star, you have the opportunity to meet other characters. Those are guys with many different professions. You can date them if you want, or just be a soul mate. As you interact with them, you’ll learn who to fall in love with and who you want to date.

Vampire Sonata

You have lost your past memory of your parents. Every night, you remember a vague song, making you try to remember your loved one. Meanwhile, you meet a mysterious guy. You have made friends and have feelings for him. The point here is that he’s not human. He is a vampire. Can a love between humans and vampires have a happy ending? Because in this love affair, there is also the appearance of another character. As a vampire hunter. This guy is also a nice guy and really cares about you. So who will you choose?

Visual Novel-style simulation gameplay

Memories – My Story, My Choices still has otome-style gameplay for interactive visual novels. In any story, you can play your way. That means you get to choose for your life when you play the main character. There are many details to choose from, and the game offers available options for you to decide. And each of those decisions to directly affect the ending that follows.

If you arbitrarily choose when to decide, then this game will be really boring. Because the goal of the game is to put players in the role of the main character, let you experience a new life. And you set your goals in each story, so choosing the next direction is quite important. You need to think carefully before making your choice.

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With many fascinating stories, Memories: My Story, My Choice is being loved by many players. Especially those who love the otome game genre. As for the visuals, this game does not stand out from other games of the same genre. Therefore, we do not evaluate it further. And here is the link to download the game Memories: My Story, My Choice MOD APK for you. In addition, you can choose from a few other otome games such as: Would you sell your soul?, Romance Club, Romance Fate.

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