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Last updated: 18/10/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:4.0.1
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Publisher:My Town Games
Package:Google Play Link

My City : University introduces children to the exciting life in college. This is a fully interactive game, children can also meet countless other friends here. Learning and having fun at the same time, you can rest assured that your children will discover these wonderful things. We have provided the APK file for free, you can download it now.

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Introduce about My City : University

The My City Games series of My Town Games are highly appreciated today. It provides a healthy and rewarding environment for children. The content is creative, safe and pure, it is suitable for children aged 5-12. Today, version My City : University was officially launched. In this version, children will participate and explore fun activities, learning in the university. Open up the game and let your kids explore all the fun in this interactive university!

Lots of interesting places

University lobby

This is the first place the child will explore and observe. The lobby is a place to display the unique symbols of each university. Here, children can unlock secrets and solve puzzles first. In addition, children can design their own school hall according to their imagination.


A university is home to many different departments, disciplines, and classes. Coming to My City: University, children do not have to explore classes that are too complicated for their age. The publisher has replaced it with music, science, art classes… Children can choose any favorite class to join and experience. There, children will be taught methodically and in detail about each skill they have chosen. At that time, children will feel like they are studying in a real university.

Corridor, canteen

This is a place where children can meet many other students in the school. They are also other players who are experiencing this My City : University game. Here, everyone can interact, chat happily with each other. Children will feel the difference between how college recess is different from elementary school.

Children can also visit the school cafeteria with eye-catching dishes. From fast food to nutritious dishes from the kitchen. Children can freely choose and enjoy what they like. In addition, many delicious drinks are also available in the water vending machine. Children can both enjoy and watch the large space of the school yard.

Amusement park

Outside of school hours, children can go to the amusement park with many interesting activities. Children will play with the teacher and many other students in the class. Countless useful and fun games are waiting for children to participate. There, children can experience all the games themselves or play according to the class schedule. In addition, many interesting puzzles are also hidden at this place. Children can decode them and receive many attractive gifts.

The game is safe and suitable for children

This game is like a fully interactive dollhouse. In it, children can touch anything they see. The content is varied and improved so that it is appropriate for the child’s age. The games in the My City series are suitable for children from 5 to 12 years old. It is really useful, both entertaining children and learning new knowledge.

The My City game series has extremely safe content and cute, clean images. No harmful content, no 3rd party ads, you can let your kids freely explore all the content contained in the game. Versions of My City are also linked together, children can use their characters to go through all the cities.


My City : University brings a fresh, vivid and colorful graphics. It is essential for young children to experience joy and comfort. Lovely character design with various expressions, creating a playful city. Highly detailed objects bring realism and children can interact with anything on the screen. Combined with vibrant sound, cheerful background music, all together create an extremely great game.

APK version of My City : University

This game is currently available on the Google Play store, you can download it from there. However, you need to pay about 1$ to own it. This is a great price for a useful game like My City : University. If you have problems paying or don’t want to spend that money, then My City : University APK is the choice for you. You can download it for free at this article, install it on your computer and experience it.

Download My City : University APK free for Android

All the games in the My City series are great and engaging. My City : University too, it gives players an interesting experience with diverse content, especially for children. They will discover countless new things and useful knowledge in this game. What are you waiting for, download My City : University APK now and write your story with your kids!

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