Love Sick: Relationships MOD APK 1.95.1 (Free Shopping)

Last updated: 01/08/2022 (2 weeks ago)

Latest Version:1.95.1
MOD Info:Free Shopping
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:SWAG MASHA
Package:Google Play Link

Download Love Sick: Relationships MOD APK now so you can join the huge interactive story world. Not just one, but endlessly, you will experience endlessly fascinating storylines. You are the main character in the whole story, join in and make it go your way! Our MOD version gives you free shopping, consider using it.

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Introduce about Love Sick: Relationships

No need for beautiful action scenes, Love Sick: Relationships still creates a huge attraction. If you are a person who loves to read stories then this game is perfect for you. In this game, you can choose your favorite story from a wide variety of stories. You are the main character in the whole story, so create a variety of fashion styles to match. Customize your reading experience in a new style. Here, you can make things go your way with live interaction. What are you waiting for, discover it now!

Vast collection of stories

The strength of Love Sick: Relationships is its vast collection of stories. From drama, romance, detective to horror… you can find your favorite stories. Diverse genres, but it seems that romantic love is always the most popular. Therefore, the publisher always constantly updates this genre. The plot is attractive with many climactic details, giving players the best experience. If you are passionate about reading stories, this is a very convenient mobile library. Just open the game and find your favorite story, you can do this anywhere.

The stories in this game are all expressed through images. The characters do not move, but still have full facial expressions. You will quickly become absorbed in the story than reading the usual text. The interface is easy on the eyes, beautiful and accessible, you can entertain all day with Love Sick: Relationships without getting bored.

Some featured stories

Here are some of the stories we’re most excited about. In addition, they are also accessed by a large number of users and have positive reviews. You can choose them to do the first experience when participating in this game.

Vampire Ball

Can humans and vampires learn together? Entirely possible! In the world’s most elite university, where it was rumored that humans and vampires from the upper classes would study side by side. Here every 20 years, the Royal Ball appears. Girls from all over the world dream of being there. But only one is destined to amaze everyone with her beauty and uniqueness. No one else, it’s you!

Princess Liana

Years ago, the royal family was murdered by an evil witch. At that moment, time seemed to stop flowing across the kingdom. Nestled among the peasants, a true princess must discover herself. She was the only one lucky enough to be alive in that tragedy. With all her anger, she was determined to find that evil enemy. Playing the role of Princess Liana, where will you start? Can you successfully avenge them all?

Pretty Spy : Wedding Planner

World famous billionaire David Corbell is getting married. The New York press called his upcoming wedding ‘event of the year’. But is his fiancée really as sincere as they say? A beautiful female spy works undercover, and soon finds herself on the romantic adventure of a lifetime. Will she turn around and harm David, only you can find the answer!

Direct interaction with the plot

You not only join the story as the reader, but also as the main character, who decides the ending. Love Sick: Relationships allows players to directly influence the plot, making it their own story. By making smart, informed choices you can always make happy endings happen. Each story will have hundreds of different endings, it all depends on your choices.

Character creation

You will join all the stories with only one character. Therefore, Love Sick: Relationships has added a character creation feature so you can change your appearance. Hairstyles, accessories and fashion changes are available in the game store. A short black skirt and white shirt, you are a beautiful secretary. Or a lovely dress, feminine high heels to exude the look of a princess. Actively changing your appearance, you will easily participate in the development of every story.

Eye-catching interface

A beautiful interface will easily attract players to experience. This is an interactive game, so it won’t have terrible graphics. But in terms of interface design, Love Sick: Relationships is doing very well. Compared to the previous version, this game has more improvements. The home screen is a list of features and includes recommended stories. If you don’t know which story to choose, see the suggestions below. Vivid colorful images give you moments of comfort and relaxation.

MOD APK version of Love Sick: Relationships

MOD features

  • Free Shopping: to be able to create many different looks, you need a lot of money to shop. But our MOD version will make that really easy. You can shop comfortably even if you don’t have enough money.

Reviews from users

Is this game overrated? How do other players feel about it after experiencing it? Take a look at some of the user reviews below:

“It’s a game, kind of engaging interactive chapter book. I like the content at that point, there’s some chance of earning the diamonds needed to continue the story. But in my opinion that the number of diamonds should increase every day, more when the person logs in. So they can experience more stories”

“Very good! I love the stories contained in this game. Moreover, I especially like the character creation feature. There, I can create characters with my favorite style.”

“Overall, I like the app. I think the plot is very engaging. However, the choice can be expensive. It’s not a big deal for me because I saved a lot of diamonds. “

“Honestly, this app is awesome! The publisher really put a lot of effort into writing the story and graphics. Meanwhile there were many complaints from others about the diamond and key count. used. I think people forget that the app is not made by one person and therefore needs to be profitable to pay different employees”

Download Love Sick: Relationships MOD APK for Android

Love Sick: Relationships is a great game for those who love reading stories. Removing the boredom of the screen is all words, this game gives you a great, comfortable experience with stories. Here you can role-play, can change the course and decide your own fate. Where you can show off your fashion design skills by creating characters with diverse costumes. Too many attractive features in one game, Love Sick: Relationships deserves to be the top choice! You just need to click on the link below to proceed with the download and installation.

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