Killing Kiss : BL story game v1.12.0 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.12.0
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0+
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Killing Kiss : BL story game – An interactive otome game with the Boys’ Love genre has officially launched. You will experience a fascinating storyline about the beautiful love between boys. But it won’t have a happy ending without your impact. Join now and download our MOD APK version below the article!

My Sweet Stalker and Maybe: Interactive Stories are two similar games with a romantic plot about love between men and women.

Introduce Killing Kiss : BL story game

Killing Kiss : BL story game is a romance simulator based on visual novels. It has a combination of engaging characters and captivating sound effects. Your choices are important throughout the story. Build intimacy with your favorite guy and eventually survive dangerous situations with the Mafias. So is doing this easy or will there be obstacles? Join us to enjoy this fascinating story!

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Enjoy the best moments


Gray City – the city of sin and a hotbed of dangerous activity. An environment full of evils and not at all peaceful throughout the years. Our main character is a guy named Ryu. Although he was young, he became a pickpocket due to his living environment. One day, a big incident happened to Ryu, when he stole something he shouldn’t have!

“What you take is our salvation.”

Those were the words of the three men who appeared before Ryu. And they’re trying to claim him in their own ways… Furthermore, Ryu’s secret childhood friend shows up unexpectedly and the story unfolds for the five boys. What is it, but the other 4 are trying to get it back from Ryu. Will Ryu give it to them or keep it at all costs. Join the game and help him decide everything. Ryu’s final ending is entirely in your hands. Remember rule number one in the Gray City – “Survive. At all costs!”

Learn the shocking ending of a dangerous romantic thriller like you’ve never experienced!

Unique interactive gameplay

Interactive gameplay allows you to directly change the development, the ending of the plot. It’s like you can decide your own life in real life. And in this Killing Kiss : BL story game, you will help Ryu decide everything. After each critical situation, you will be presented with 2 to 3 options. Each choice pushes the story in a different direction. Therefore, each of your choices is very important, as it affects the final ending.

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Premium choices

Appearing together with other options, the premium selection creates a more unpredictable and unique development. But you need a lot of blue Ruby to be able to unlock it. This material can be obtained throughout the story. They don’t have many so you can’t comfortably use them. So unlock these premium options when you’re stuck with the other options.

Various endings

Many different choices will lead to the plot having many unpredictable developments. So you can create hundreds of endings for Ryu. Happiness or failure, you will decide everything. It is also because of the fact that there are many different endings that you can play this game many times without getting bored. Each time you play, you can change your choices to create interesting situations.

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Create your own ending

Interface of the game

No need for special effects, but Killing Kiss: BL story game still attracts players by its simplicity and lightness. As a game, but the graphics in the game are mainly images. It’s like you’re showing each part of a slide. The characters are gentle, soft and realistic, giving players the most realistic experience. The surrounding illustrations also clearly depict the emotions of each situation. Therefore, you will feel much more inspired than reading an ordinary novel.

MOD APK version of Killing Kiss : BL story game

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices : Paid option and free option will be the same so you just need to choose according to your preference.

Download Killing Kiss : BL story game MOD APK for Android

The Boys’ Love genre is probably not too unfamiliar to many fiction fans. Now, it has been transformed into an extremely attractive interactive game. Killing Kiss: BL story game believes that it will bring players many unexpected situations. Especially the extremely impressive passionate love story between our five main boys. So what are you waiting for, join the game and write up your story now!

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