Puppet Boss v1.1.7 Mod APK (Unlimited Gold, Tickets)

Last updated: 06/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.1.7
MOD Info:Unlimited Gold, Tickets
Requires:Android 6.0+
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Today, the game we introduced continues to be a visual novel simulation game. It is the game Puppet Boss, a new product of the publisher Day7.

Introducing Puppet Boss

As you know, in real life, human love usually revolves around two people. And we all think that there should be fidelity in love. But in everyone’s mind, almost everyone thought that they were loved by many people at the same time. Of course, this still happens in real life, but not much. And this is also something that very few people agree with. But if you want to try the feeling of being loved by many people at the same time, but can’t do it in real life, you can try playing the game Puppet Boss.

This Puppet Boss title takes you to a romantic and daring love story. You can love many different people at the same time, choose anyone to date. This is an otome or visual novel simulation game, with an extremely interesting plot. Here, you can refer to the game introduction, before downloading our version of Puppet Boss MOD APK.


In the story of Puppet Boss, you play the role of the game’s heroine. You are a beautiful and talented girl, working as a director for a men’s fashion company. On normal days, you do your job well without anyone’s help. But one day, an extraordinary story happens to you.

When you get to your office, a guy shows up and says, “Good morning, ma’am. Let me escort you to the office”. When you get to the office, you see 3 more guys. You are surprised by the appearance of people who are not part of your recruitment plan. All four of them were handsome guys with tall figures. They are here to serve you, both for work and for love. Each of them wants to help you, solve all the problems in the company.

After work, they can even chat, even “date” with you. But the special thing here is that all four of them love you. And then the complicated relationship between the five took place. Every day, you meet and date one of them, just the one you like. Through these encounters, you discover the story of each of the four guys.

Character system

In the game, there are five main characters, that is you and those four guys. In terms of appearance, each person has their own beauty. The four of them have different hair colors, the guy with blonde hair, blue hair, purple hair, and brown hair. Even their fashion sense is distinct and exudes enchanting charm. And of course, their beauty also comes from their personalities. Some people have a cold beauty, some are dynamic, enthusiastic,…

As you chat and date each of them, you gradually realize they have their own secrets and stories. Each character has their own story for you to gradually discover. Only when you really care about them will you get them to share their stories. It’s fun when you have to share your love and care for four different guys.

In addition, during the exploration you can meet other secondary characters. But most of the appearances are your four staff guys.

Play with your emotions

With such an interesting storyline, you can play the game according to your way of thinking and feeling. You get to date all four of those guys. Through each story and conversation, you will understand their personality. From there, you can choose who has the most priority. You have to make decisions about the events in the story. Those choices take you to different ends. So, how the story ends, completely depends on how you play.

MOD APK version of Puppet Boss

MOD features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Tickets

Download Puppet Boss MOD APK latest version for Android

Puppet Boss brings an attractive storyline with unique content than other games of the same genre. Therefore, this game is being loved by many players. Join the game right away, you will experience a complicated and equally romantic love story!

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