Life in Adventure v1.2.14 Mod APK (Auto Win)

Last updated: 07/12/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.14
MOD Info:Auto Win
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Studio Wheel
Package:Google Play Link

Join the game Life in Adventure MOD APK to continue your journey to save the world. This interactive game with classic pixel graphics is very popular in the world. Faced with many unexpected events, how will you handle it?

Introduce game Life in Adventure

Life in Adventure is a text game based on the original story “Life is a game”. With visual novel gameplay, you can create your own ending. Playing the role of an adventurer, you will experience countless different events. Your responsibility is to save the world, fight and choose. Will you be able to achieve the goals you set in the beginning?

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The plot has depth, the ending is varied


“Life is a game” is a pretty fascinating story revolving around an adventurer. Earning the king’s trust, you will play the role of that explorer and begin your adventure. The journey will begin when the trumpet of the ruler of the kingdom is sounded. Enter the town and prepare the necessary items, ready to face many events to come. Let your journey go down in the history of the kingdom and be remembered by many!

Many events

On your adventure journey, you will face many interesting events. Each of the events and choices you face will include many different things. For example your abilities, items, assets, choices made in the past… They all have the effect of producing additional results. The plot of the game also creates many unexpected situations that the player does not think about. Then, being quick and decisive in your choice will help you create an advantage later.

Combat system

This is a feature not often found in popular visual novel titles like Dangerous Shelter or My Sweet Stalker. But Life in Adventure wants to create diversity in gameplay, so it has integrated fighting with monsters. Hold on to your weapons and defeat every enemy on your way. Combat style is based on RPG gameplay, you will control your character and attack the enemy. These battles usually take place after your selection.

Winning battles is a must! Indeed, after defeating the monster you can open the next storyline in the game. But to win, you need to combine many factors, this has never been easy. The game also gives you many support items to give you an advantage in each match. But the most important thing still lies in your skills and mindset.

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Combining classic RPG elements

Various endings

The visual novel gameplay will give you tons of exciting endings. Each of your choices changes the course of the story, so there are countless different permutations. What you choose will directly impact the story, check out the different endings in the game. It is also because of this that players can replay this game many times. The variety in the ending will erase the boredom of the player.

Rating System

Each of your turns will be summed up the final score. Leave your score and the system will compare with many other players in the world. This feature also helps players get motivated to overcome challenges as quickly as possible. Score will be calculated based on how you pass the game. For example, in the way of fighting monsters, the easier you overcome them, the higher your score will be. Besides, the score is also determined by the efficiency of your selections.

Life in Adventure also creates a common space for many players around the world. They created a discord server so that many people can join together. There people can share information and play experiences for each other. An interesting and fun community, that is the goal that the publisher is aiming for.

Graphics and sound

Life in Adventure brings you extremely unique 3D pixel graphics. Situations are depicted through emotional pixel art. Classic background with lots of colorful textures and stunning scenery will help you see a perfect world in the game. Without too many eye-catching visual effects, this game still makes players unable to take their eyes off.

The game features featured sounds that resemble the actual sounds of nature. Including waterfalls, rainstorms, lightning strikes… bring maximum realism. Besides, the background music changes according to the situation to help you quickly immerse yourself in the plot. You can also optionally turn on and off the sound in the Menu if you want to be quiet. However, our advice is to turn on the sound to feel the greatness of this game.

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Make informed decisions to create a happy ending for you

Overview of Life in Adventure

After a period of direct experience, we have a few objective reviews about this game. You can refer to have a more specific view of the content of the game.


  • Compelling and engaging plot, logic
  • There are many different endings, creating a variety of gameplay
  • Integrated combat system, is the highlight compared to similar games
  • Impressive ancient pixel graphics
  • Simple gameplay, easy story to follow
  • The order of events is randomly changed to attract players to discover a new ending
  • Combines classic RPG elements combined with some well-drawn shots


  • Missing ending events
  • The combat system is quite simple, but couldn’t be more demanding in a simulation game
  • Some combat-related events are still repeated

Content in development

Absorbing many contributions from users, the publisher has added some new features. Along with the goal set out at the beginning, they believe that this game will soon be more complete in terms of both gameplay and graphics. Features under development are:

  • Add adventure objectives to the main story
  • Various traits will be added to help with the adventure
  • Quests will be added to add a small objective to your adventure

MOD APK version of Life in Adventure

MOD features

  • Auto Win
  • No Ads

Monster battles will automatically end with your victory. From there, you can quickly explore deeper into the fascinating plot of the game.

Download Life in Adventure MOD APK for Android

Life in Adventure is one of the most worth playing visual novel games today. It impresses with an engaging and in-depth storyline. Continuous and random events keep players inspired to discover new endings. 3D graphics with ancient pixel images create a unique and strange scene, extremely eye-catching. The feeling of wanting to conquer will always appear when you experience this game. For us, this is a game worth playing, worth experiencing!

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