Dangerous Shelter v2.10.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 02/11/2022 (1 year ago)

Latest Version:2.10.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Size:112 MB
Publisher:Story Taco
Package:Google Play Link

Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice is an attractive simulation game. This game possesses an attractive storyline and gameplay. This is also Lucydream’s third game in the Dangerous Fellows universe. Combining story and survival, you definitely won’t be able to take your eyes off for a second. Join us to learn more about this great game!

Introducing game Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice


10 years ago, scientists embarked on a dangerous graduate student event. They want to create a product that changes human history. But they would not have expected that 10 years later, due to a small mistake put the whole world in danger. The genetically mutated organisms became zombies and began to wreak havoc on all the places they passed. Players will have to spend 180 days fleeing danger. Stock up on the necessary tools and items and try to overcome this danger. The ending will be very happy, the moments are either heroic or bitter, all based on your choice.

Many events happened

Players only have 180 days to prove their worth. During this time, you will experience many events in a variety of situations. You need to show sensitivity and make the right choices. Continuously fleeing will force the village to learn how to adapt to the wasteland. Train yourself well and find useful items to fend off zombies.

Make money

In order to find items and survive, you need money. Each place you shelter, there will be a lot of different jobs for you to do. Completing those missions will give you a rewarding bonus. Use that money reasonably to upgrade the skills and items needed.


The main character in the game includes 2 boys and 2 girls. In addition to the default outfit when the game starts, you can also shop for them with other beautiful outfits. Use earned Diamonds to buy costumes in the store. Diamond is the most valuable and hardest to find money, you should consider carefully before using it.

The game progresses quickly

Events in the game will happen continuously. You can skip chats between characters to quickly speed up the game. You will not need to wait to play the game or watch the end. Making the correct choice quickly also partly causes the game to end faster.

Graphics, sound

Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice is designed with simple 2D graphics. Since this is a game about storytelling, the publisher wants to focus on the compelling storyline. However, the graphics are also quite beautiful with costume designs and vivid characters. A different soundtrack will appear in each situation to increase the appeal of the game.

MOD APK version of Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice

MOD feature

To experience the game more easily, you try to use our MOD version:

  • Unlimited money and diamonds (You can freely use and shop for everything in the store even if you don’t have enough money)

Our MOD version will be non-malicious and filled with unwanted ads. We always aim for the greatest comfort for players. Please visit RedMod regularly to keep up with the latest versions.

Download Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice MOD APK for Android

Explore 180 exciting days with many unexpected events with Dangerous Shelter – Your Life is Your Choice. You are the one to decide the survival of yourself and your teammates. Join us and experience this game now with us!

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