Teammates: Interactive story v1.04 Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds)

Last updated: 24/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.04
MOD Info:Unlimited Diamonds
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:Game Frame
Package:Google Play Link

Teammates: Interactive story brings an extremely unique story for you to discover. This is an extremely attractive simulation role-playing game, for those who love the otome or visual novel genre.

Introducing Teammates: Interactive story

Visual novel games are always loved by many players. The gameplay of this game genre is exploratory, immersed in the main story, giving players the feeling that they are experiencing a different life. And the compelling story in Teammates: Interactive story certainly does not disappoint. This game has just been released recently by the developer Game Frame.

Interesting story content

The story in the game follows the life of a beautiful girl, named Lisa Green. She is a young sports coach, about basketball. Her family is a rich corporation with a famous sports brand. But when her father died, she faced many difficult stories. In order to inherit the property and brand from her father, she has to complete a very difficult task. That’s what makes it possible for an athlete to win the tournament for five years in a row. This is an extremely difficult challenge for Lisa Green.

The one she needs to train to compete in the world championship tournament is the Golden Knights. He hasn’t made it to the knockout round in over ten years. So how to help him get into the team and conquer the championship? And Lisa Green discovered interesting stories about this guy, and began to carry out her difficult task.

Not only that, while on a mission, she realizes a lot of mysterious things about her family. Lisa Green needs to uncover the traitors in her father’s company. And the most loyal people will help you do that.

Join the game, you are the one to help Lisa Green perform those tasks. Immerse yourself in her, explore her stories as well as other characters.

Simulated role-playing gameplay

Almost every visual novel game has the same gameplay. The difference of each game comes from the plot. And interesting activities in the game will be the highlight to attract players. In Teammates: Interactive story, you can discover the story about the theme of love and sports as introduced above. Thereby, you will be able to make decisions for your life. Each decision exposes you to new, different circumstances. And the final outcome depends on each choice you make. Therefore, you cannot predict the end of your life.

Game Teammates: Interactive story can be completed with a compelling experience or not depending on how you play. Only when you really get into the role of the main character can you feel the stories unfold. From there, you can set a goal for yourself, a beautiful ending to a love story or any other ending if you want.

Illustrating images

The gameplay of Teammates: Interactive story is based on visual novel exploration, so the game does not need to invest much in graphics. It is developed with 2D graphics only. But the impression of the game is in the visual design. The images in the game are designed extremely beautifully. Especially the character creation part. From the main characters, to the supporting characters in the game, all have enchanting beauty. In addition, there is a diverse costume system, so that each character’s style becomes unique and attractive.

MOD APK version of Teammates: Interactive story

MOD features

Unlimited Diamonds

Download Teammates: Interactive story MOD APK latest version for Android

It can be seen that Teammates: Interactive story is built with extremely thorough content, bringing a unique storyline that anyone wants to explore. Along with that is a beautifully designed image, so that you feel more excited when playing. And here will be the link to download Teammates: Interactive story MOD APK game for you!

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