Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game v1.0.1 Mod APK (Unlimited Lives)

Last updated: 07/06/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.1
MOD Info:Unlimited Lives
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game MOD APK is a simulation game for those who love cooking and want to develop their own unique restaurant.

About Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game

Would you like to become a professional chef and serve customers all over the world? Come to Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game! You are starting an adventure journey of a professional chef. You will learn the unique recipes of many culinary cultures around the world.

A chef’s adventure

Usually, business simulation games will let you develop a restaurant located in a city or town. And this theme seems to be quite boring, with no novelty for players. So developer WeMaster has created a restaurant management game with a completely new style. Instead of staying in one place for business, you will be going to many places to show off your chef skills.

You can drive your food processing vehicles to many places to sell. Your car can be upgraded to treat customers like a real restaurant. And most importantly, you can go everywhere to do business and show your culinary passion.

Cook a variety of dishes

Coming to the game Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game, you can learn and cook a lot of different dishes. Those are the dishes that are loved by customers all over the world. These dishes are inspired by many culinary cultures in many countries around the world.

The game offers hundreds of different dishes on the menu for customers to choose from. It can be fast food or luxury food,… For example, delicious donuts, burgers, fried chicken, hotdogs,… Or it can be famous French food, American, Italian like hot dogs, burgers, fries and pizza.

You need to regularly update your restaurant’s menu with new dishes. The game has many unique dishes for you to discover and process. In addition, the game also adds many new recipes in the upcoming updates.

Satisfy all customer needs

With a restaurant, the needs of customers are always taken care of and determine the success of that restaurant. Each guest coming to the restaurant has different requirements for their selection. Make them according to their requirements, so that they feel happy and comfortable when buying. Thanks to that, you gain the trust of customers, they will continue to return to the restaurant in the future.

Manage your time

Time management in the restaurant business is equally important. Many times, customers come in large numbers, so you will have a hard time entertaining them. The customers are hungry, they need you to cook quickly so they can eat as soon as possible. And you have to observe which customers come first to serve them first. Sometimes, for difficult customers, you have to prioritize them.

Every time the restaurant is crowded, you will feel the heat in your frenetic kitchen. You have to work to the best of your ability, to be able to satisfy all customers who come to the restaurant. Proper time management helps you make money easier and faster.

Upgrade your restaurant

Initially, you only have a small truck, which can process food right on the vehicle. And your customers can only buy takeout, or sit on the sidewalk to enjoy. But after earning a lot of money, you can upgrade the restaurant using new luxurious and spacious cars. These vehicles can accommodate customers inside, so that they can enjoy the food immediately after processing. To upgrade or unlock new cars, you must use the money earned in the business.

In addition to upgrading the restaurant, you also have to upgrade the cooking utensils, the kitchen. And the ingredients and food also need to be upgraded. Everything needs to be upgraded to serve customers with the best quality.

MOD APK version of Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game

MOD features

Unlimited Lives

Download Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game MOD APK latest version for Android

Game Cooking Rush – Restaurant Game requires players to have a passion for chefs and cuisine. Because only when you love, you can be highly productive. From there, you make a lot of money from this job, although not real money. You will become a tycoon in the culinary industry and manage a restaurant. So what are you waiting for without downloading the game now to start the adventure of a talented chef!

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