LUNA SONATA v1.4.4 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 08/12/2022 (10 months ago)

Latest Version:1.4.4
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

LUNA SONATA is the latest role-playing simulation game from It continues to give you the familiar otome gameplay, but with a whole new storyline.

Introduce about LUNA SONATA

As usual, is the publisher of this game, they do not directly develop the game. That developer is Wonyframe. Currently, the game is available on Google Play completely free for you to download and experience. But in this article, REDMOD brings you the LUNA SONATA MOD APK version with special features. You can download it after referring to the introductory article below.

Main plot

The plot in this new version is built quite simply. The main content of the game revolves around the main character is a beautiful girl. You will play the role of that girl to discover interesting details in this story. One fine day, you were hunting when you were attacked by a vampire. But it doesn’t seem to have any intention of harming you. And the hunter who is with you is worried about you. After that attack, you must see a doctor to heal the wound. In the process, you realize that there are many people who care and love you. The right to choose who to date is up to you.

Main character system

In the process of exploring the game, you will meet many different characters. Including you and 4 main characters. It’s 4 guys with different looks and personalities. They all have feelings for you. Of course, that makes you feel awkward. Below is information about those 4 guys.


He is a vampire with a cold and mysterious handsome appearance. His beauty is mysterious and dangerous. You have an unexpected encounter with Redford and your first impression of him is not good. But will you choose him?


Asher is a werewolf, a person with unusual vampire-like abilities. Naturally, he also has a handsome and charming appearance. But Asher’s beauty is not cold, he owns a large body and a more active personality.


This doctor guy helped you when you were injured. This reluctant encounter has helped you meet a handsome and warm doctor. He is an intelligent person with a warm heart. This is the quality of a good doctor. He also shows a lot of interest in you. Yoon’s warmth and feeling of being cared for also makes you a little fluttery.


This is the guy that accompanies you on your hunting journey. He is a hunter known for both his looks and his excellent hunting ability. Therefore, you feel the most trust in him, a reliable person. Mason is always strong, can protect you in any situation. Will his interest in you make you flutter?

Explore your way

The gameplay of the game LUNA SONATA is still the same as other games of the same genre. Although the main plot is already in place, you are the one who decides the outcome of that story. You can play the game the way you think, as long as you feel comfortable that reason tells you.

To experience the game to the fullest, you must have your goals. Only when you achieve your goal will you feel happy for your efforts. To achieve that goal, you must think carefully before making decisions in the game. Every decision and choice you make directly affects the plot as well as the ending that follows.

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Taking on the role of publisher, knows how to be selective to bring the best quality and attractive games to players. And below are some games of the same genre released by this game company.


MOD features

Free Premium Choices

Download LUNA SONATA MOD APK latest version for Android

As can be seen, LUNA SONATA continues to give players an extremely attractive “novel” about love. You will be entered into an exciting love affair by choosing a lover from four handsome guys. But you can choose the ideal guy in your lap, as long as you feel like it. Download now LUNA SONATA MOD APK to start enjoying the romantic and equally thrilling story of the game!

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