My Sweet Stalker v3.1.15 Mod APK (Free Premium Choice)

Last updated: 10/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.15
MOD Info:Free Premium Choice
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
Package:Google Play Link

Japanese anime games always contain fascinating stories. My Sweet Stalker too, this is an extremely attractive love story and you are the main character in the game. Enjoy your sweet love with beautiful girls. However, there are always ironical situations that you face. How will you handle them?

Introduce about My Sweet Stalker

My Sweet Stalker is a simulation game released by Genius Studio Japan. This game is like a book, you will read each page, chapter by chapter. However, the special thing here is that you can change the course of the story, decide the end of that story. Along with extremely beautiful and cute anime characters, you will quickly be caught up in its fascinating storyline.


You are an extremely computer enthusiast. You find the satisfaction of joining an anonymous online consulting network. Work is extremely stable until the day a beautiful girl appears and asks for your advice. You are very enthusiastic to help, but unexpectedly things will get worse. That girl was really angry and things were going too far. Even if you blocked her, she somehow managed to find you. How would you explain her face to face with her? Will you be able to get together after such a surprising and challenging meeting?


My Sweet Stalker gameplay is extremely simple but full of fun. You will observe the dialogues of the characters in the game. From there, you can see the problem and grasp the content. After each long conversation, a few decisions will appear to choose from. Content evolutions after that, will evolve at your discretion. Therefore, you can experience this game many times to see many different developments. That is also the reason that players can play many times without getting bored.


  • Mei: Your cheerful childhood friend who works with you through everything. Mei is the only person who knows about your anonymous counseling network and has vowed to keep it a secret. But things clear up when Mei becomes the target of rage for the love of your stalkers. Will you protect Mei from danger, or does Mei have more than she allows?
  • Shiki: Membership quiet, emotionally aloof in your computer club. Ironically, she joins in as soon as you give advice to a girl with a similar problem. Since joining, Shiki has been very sweet to you and you enjoy being with her. After she becomes the next target of your stalker, she is determined to run away with you. Will you do what is necessary to keep her safe or should you be concerned about your own safety instead?
  • Tatsumi: An attractive detective with a sharp mind and a sharper tongue, and Shiki’s sister as well. You hire her after things go wrong with your stalker. At first, it seemed impossible to detect who your stalker was with Tatsumi’s stubborn approach. But you soon realize that her way really works. Will you do what is necessary to work with her and break the case?


Not too outstanding in graphics, but My Sweet Stalker still has some advantages. The most notable is the extremely beautiful character design. Creating a beautiful and cute anime image, although the characters are not moving, they still have full expressions and facial expressions. Combined with the background music that changes flexibly according to the situation, the player will easily focus on the story.

MOD APK version of My Sweet Stalker

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choice : You will be able to unlock premium options without spending Ruby.

Note: If you use F1 VM Lite for the MOD version, the introduction turns completely black but the game works normally after the introduction.

Download My Sweet Stalker MOD APK for Android

Just download My Sweet Stalker to your computer, you can enjoy a sweet love story. Although there are many ups and downs, the ending is always happy and you will be satisfied with that. Our MOD version will give you a few more special options right from the start. From there, you will open up more new and different endings. This is a great game to us, what about you?

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