Cats & Soup v2.45.0 Mod APK (Free Shopping, Free Gift)

Last updated: 04/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.45.0
MOD Info:Free Shopping, Free Gift
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

In this article, we want to bring an entertainment simulator for everyone. With Cats & Soup MOD APK, you can always have fun with your beautiful pet. What’s more, these adorable cats can work, cook, and play on their own. This is the game selected in the top 3 indie video games on Google Play.

Introducing the game Cats & Soup

Cats & Soup MOD APK is an interesting simulation game that helps you get rid of the stress of everyday life. It is released by the publisher NIDEA, a game studio that is not known to many people. And the game Cats & Soup is only the second product from this publisher.

Join the game, you will be in a land with countless cute and funny cats. You can control them to run the restaurant business and participate in many other fun activities. This will be an extremely great game for those who love cats.

Simulation gameplay is quite simple

Game Cats & Soup is developed simulation gameplay quite simple. Your main task in this game is to run a restaurant of cats. Grow for the restaurant, expand the base to earn as much money as possible. Two effective members in your restaurant are Cut and Chop. These are two extremely adorable cats and they are really good at making soup.

You need to support these cats with everything in life. From building houses, shops, selling recipes to earn gold. From the money you earn, you continue to help them build other important works. Examples include cooking counters, rest areas, entertainment areas and more.

At the beginning of the game, there is only one cat cooking soup. When there are guests coming, you sell soup to them to collect the first collection. Gradually, the shop will have more customers and you have to help the cat make more soup. That means more staff is needed. At that time, find new cats to assign tasks to them to start working. Those cats form from the constellations, fall to the ground and start serving your restaurant.

Create facilities

In the restaurant business, the task of creating facilities is extremely important. Here are a few things to keep in mind when creating your cat restaurant premises.

  • Cooking: In this section, you can learn new soup recipes;
  • Rest: Let’s build a rest area for cats, they need to relax;
  • Function: This is where you build the infrastructure that provides you with gold, such as treasure chests;
  • Special: All special infrastructure is available here, you can buy it in the store.

Quests and rewards

Every day, the game gives you different tasks to complete. After completing well, you will receive a reward of coins and energy. There are two different types of missions you need to complete: Daily Mission and Achievement. With the Daily Mission mission, you are involved in many different challenges. When completing this mission will receive a gift card. As for Achievements, conquering each achievement will give you gems.

Game Tips

One way for you to get more gifts is to open treasure chests. Click some hammer icon, select Function->Treasure Chest to open the treasure chest. In the treasure chest is a smaller chest for you to open to receive gifts. In it can be hats, clothes and accessories for cats. To open the chest, you have to spend 30 seconds to watch the ad. That’s pretty much work for you. But don’t worry, with the Free Gift feature in the MOD version that we bring in this article, you can open those boxes for free without seeing ads.

But note, you can watch the first 3 ads within 1 minute to get the bonus. And it will take about 9.10 hours before you continue to receive the chest from the treasure. If there is a blue gem, you can immediately open a chest, without waiting for ad time.

Another trick is to use passive effects/buffs from the character’s costumes. That makes preparing, slicing, and selling recipes easier and faster. Those passive effects are reducing the time it takes to chop vegetables, prepare soup, or increase the price of food.

Images and sounds

In terms of images, the game Cats & Soup is designed quite simply. With 2D graphics, plus a simple design, this game brings a light, unreal experience like a 3D game. The cats are shaped in a funny and lovely style. Although the shapes are simple, these cats still have happy, sad, and angry expressions like in real life.

The sound is the main highlight of this game. It is integrated with extremely addictive sound effects. Just like you watch ASRM food videos on social media, you also get to hear the sounds of the cats’ every action. The sound of cooking, eating, the boiling sound of soup, … all bring you the satisfaction of addictive sounds.

MOD APK version of Cats & Soup

MOD features

  • Free purchases with real money;
  • Get free gifts without watching ads.
  • Important Note: You must be offline for the game to work!

Download Cats & Soup MOD APK latest version

In general, Cats & Soup is a game with quite light entertainment. It does not require too much skill or player thinking. You will be playing your way, no stress but just fun every day with the adorable cats. Right now, you can download Cats & Soup MOD APK to experience the game.

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