Supermarket Village v1.4.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 30/07/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.4.2
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

Join the Supermarket Village right away, you will be developing a clean food supermarket for the people in your town. The special thing here is that you have to create your own products for business, not buy or have them available.

Introduce about Supermarket Village

Supermarket Village is a new idle game developed by Codigames. We are all too familiar with this developer. Their idle games are loved by many players. For example: Prison Empire Tycoon, Hospital Empire Tycoon, Idle Police Tycoon. And this latest Supermarket Village game is still developed with the familiar idle business gameplay. But in this new version, you will have a more unique and interesting experience.

Leading supermarket chain business

The town where you live is a joyful and peaceful place. The happy village is gradually developing with more amenities and modernity. However, the people here are lacking a place to provide food and clean food. Therefore, they need a supermarket that sells those things and is safe and clean. Your task in this game is to build a supermarket chain that provides fresh products to local people.

With the ability of a talented businessman, you have to grow your supermarket bigger and bigger and attract more customers. Your goal is to attract customers from many neighborhoods, not just the people of your town.

In particular, you not only run a supermarket, but also can expand with food production and processing factories. You can open factories, create new farming fields, open cow sheds, chicken coops. Or even build an oil refinery. Show your great business ability, and become a tycoon in the field of supermarket business.

Producing your own food

It will not be interesting if you import goods from other sources to do business. A special feature of this game is that you have to create your own products to sell. That means you have to develop a farm providing food and food, and at the same time develop a supermarket business from the food source itself.

Supermarket Village is like a farm game. You are taking care of your farm with many different species of plants. It can be different grains like wheat, corn, tomato, apple or carrot. Hire staff to take care of livestock, poultry and fertilize the plants on the farm. When it’s time to harvest, your supermarket will be the place to consume those foods. You can harvest from a variety of seeds, foods, milk to meats…

Multifaceted business development

The most important thing when running a supermarket is to meet the needs of customers. You have to know what their needs are in order to properly operate and develop those needs. Depending on each time, you choose different crops and livestock to provide food for the people. This business strategy is extremely important that you need to keep in mind.

In particular, you do not only do business through direct sales at supermarkets. You can also do online business through customer orders. Busy people can’t go to the supermarket, they call to order from your supermarket. Meet their needs by hiring a shipper to deliver them to their home. The revenue earned from online orders is not less than that of supermarkets selling directly.

Simple but eye-catching 3D graphics

Supermarket Village is developed with 3D graphics but in simulation and animation style. This is Codigames’ trademark visual style. And this latest version is nothing new or changeable compared to the idle games released before. Therefore, we will not judge much about the graphics part anymore.

MOD APK version of Supermarket Village

MOD features

Unlimited Money: When you spend, the amount you have will increase, not decrease!

Download Supermarket Village MOD APK latest version for Android

It can be seen that the idle gameplay of Supermarket Village is much more interesting than the games that Codigames has released before. You can both develop a farm and run the largest supermarket in town. With two combined gameplay, but you are not busy. You can make easy and idle money if you know how to manage it smartly. For now, download Supermarket Village MOD APK to experience this unique game.

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