Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome v1.13.3 Mod APK (Free Rewards)

Last updated: 16/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.13.3
MOD Info:Free Rewards
Requires:Android 5.0
Package:Google Play Link

Do you like Visual Novel-style simulation games? It is really an extremely attractive game genre for those who love to read novels. And the game introduced today is a new Visual Novel game that was released not too long ago. It’s called Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome.

Introducing Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome

Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome was released a few months ago and received the love of many players. If you are someone who likes to discover new stories, love romance novels, then this is a game for you. This game allows you to discover compelling stories with realistic images, a much more enjoyable way of reading novels.

Unique story

As a novel game, of course the game will take on a unique and new setting and story to bring the most engaging experience to players. Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome is set in the future world of 2099. At that point, Mayday Memory’s world-building begins with a fascinating introduction to the concept of memory. In this era, people can easily buy, sell and exchange memories and memories. Memories are viewed as a commodity that can be freely bought and sold. It is even possible to replace human memory. The first successful memory transplant will be tested in 2072.

And our main character is Dell, a beautiful girl. The heroine of this story is a private detective who works under a company called Vigil. An accident caused her to lose her memory, that happened about 3 years ago. Accompanying the heroine of the story are several other male protagonists. The first is Ain, a celebrity, a star with a bit of a problem. Next is Syd, a gambling addict with a reckless personality. Finally, there is Hansol, a freelance man and very stingy when it comes to money. In addition to the main characters mentioned above, there are also a few supporting characters such as the goofy department head Jeff and the lazy rabbit robot “Mode”.

Simulation gameplay

In terms of gameplay, the game Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome is also created like other Visual Novel games. You are the one who directly stepped into this novel and created its ending. You explore the plot of the game as the protagonist of the story. All you need to do is simply choose and make decisions to create an ending. It can also be considered that playing this game is like creating a novel with an existing plot. How you end the novel is entirely up to you.

In the game Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome, you need to be persistent to complete the story in the most logical way. Because many times, you have to trade to be able to make the best decisions. Each choice you make can cost Energy or Diamonds until you complete the story and select all choices. Therefore, you can choose to use diamonds to choose an option you want. Or you can watch free promotional videos with a length of about 30 seconds.

That makes players feel uncomfortable, because the game’s story is interrupted. That’s why you need to play our Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome MOD APK. This version allows you to choose free options, without seeing ads.

Pretty nice 2D graphics

When you glance at it, chances are you mistakenly think this is a 3D game. But in fact, Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome only owns 2D graphics. Because the visual style in this game is designed very much like 3D graphics. From the characters to the landscape, everything is designed with 3D visuals. Thanks to that, this game has quite eye-catching images but the game size is not large.

The most prominent feature of the image is probably the character creation. Characters in the game are shaped in the familiar Anime style. Almost every Visual Novel game is developed according to such visual trends. Not only from the face, but the character’s costumes are also extremely unique.

MOD APK version of Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome

MOD features

Free Reward: You can get free energy without having to see ads.

Installation Instructions

  • As a first step, download the MOD APK file from the bottom of this article;
  • You must grant permission to install apps from Unknown Sources to install APK files. You can find this in the app settings or the security section;
  • If you installed the original from Google Play, you need to uninstall it;
  • Open the downloaded APK file to install the game, the installation process only takes a few minutes;
  • Finally, when the game installation is complete, you just need to open the game and experience it.

Note: Every time the game has a new update, you need to make sure the new APK file is downloaded in REDMOD. That keeps you from missing progress on previous versions.

Download Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome MOD APK for Android

To sum up, Mayday Memory: CHOICE SF Otome is an interesting game. Although the beginning of the game was not favorable. Because the story of the game is quite long, you have to play for a long time to achieve the best outcome. In general, this game is highly appreciated for both content, plot as well as images. Therefore, it will be a game not to be missed for those who love the Visual Novel genre.

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