Homesteads v30002011 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 28/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:30002011
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Publisher:Enixan Limited
Package:Google Play Link

Come to the West countryside with us at Homesteads. This place is famous for cowboys with bold culture. You will come here and help them grow from a small town to a bigger and more famous one. If you feel that the game progress is too slow, please consider using our MOD version.

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Introduce game Homesteads

Become the owner of a cowboy town in Homesteads! Released by Enixan Limited, this is a small-town simulation game in development. You will come and help them create an ideal place to live in the Wild West. Farming, breeding, building architecture … make this place more modern and rich with your strategy.


Homesteads has many cool features you can explore. Reaching a higher level the more you will open up more and more new things.

Cultivation, husbandry, exploitation

Economic development is always the top priority. It takes a lot of money to be able to scale up, increase architecture … Plant and harvest, take care of animals and produce materials to promote economic development. Sell and exchange goods to grow your town. You will start with the cheapest plant that is wheat. After that, you can gradually grow more productive fruit or food crops. Make the most of the bare land to optimize economic employment by agricultural products.

Besides, you can raise chickens and cows at the same time to increase income. Chicken eggs and cow’s milk will make you a lot of money. However, harvest time will also be slower than other forms of breeding. Expand hundreds of chicken coops and barns so that each harvest you can get a huge yield.

Mining and quarrying are the biggest sources of income. Cooperate with foreign partners on mines so you can make big money. The resources are endless, you need a lot of people to help you work.

Security protection

Interact with unique game mechanics – catch criminals in town. Don’t let them spread panic to the people. Run the cowboys in town to help you manage order. They will patrol continuously in all locations and notify you of anomalies. Thieves will steal food and minerals so you should pay attention to security.

Decorate, upgrade architecture

Once the economy has stabilized, you can start building architecture. Construct houses, factories and other structures to increase comfort for residents. A rich town will show off through modern architecture built. Besides, you can also decorate them more beautiful. Limited space for design solutions: create a metropolis in the Wild West, decorate the city at your disposal and make it unique. Design, decorate yourself, this town is yours!

Interesting quests and stories

You will hear loads of interesting stories from the people here. Town stories or interesting things from cowboys. Meet friendly characters with a unique story of life. They will help you navigate the game and provide their services to the production of goods. Along with those stories are quests included. You can complete it and get loads of rewards.

Real-time gameplay

You can’t play this game for hours, for sure! With the real-time mechanism, you will not be able to wait forever to harvest. Therefore, this game should only be played in free time. The time in the game is equal to real time. For example, to harvest wheat takes 3 minutes, you also have to wait for that same time in real life to be able to harvest. Although there is an instant harvest feature, it costs a lot of your money and cannot maintain it for long.


Homesteads is a unique game with mechanics, graphics, and characters. The setting set is a peaceful town in the Wild West. Agricultural products, animals and architecture are designed very honestly to create a sense of excitement for the player. All objects are designed with high detail, allowing you to interact with everything displayed on the screen. In addition, background music is added to help relieve stress and make the game experience more comfortable.

MOD APK version of Homesteads

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • The game won’t have a lot of money as soon as you open the game. One way to get money is to refresh the market, you get more cash. Another quite interesting feature is that you can skip free time to build any project. Usually, you need to lose money to do it. But with the MOD version, you can skip the waiting stage or lose money to complete a certain project. That helps you quickly get the homes you want.

Download Homesteads MOD APK for Android

Meet new friends and embark on exciting adventures in the vast lands of the Wild West. Let the people here build a rich, peaceful and large town. Try wearing a cowboy hat and bring order to the town! Start your journey right now at the link below!

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