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Last updated: 16/06/2022 (2 years ago)

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Roommates APK is a simulation role-playing game, letting you enjoy a romantic novel about love, the life of a guy with many beautiful girls.

Introducing Roommates

Have you ever thought that you will be able to date many women at the same time? In real life, this is something that should not be done and is not recommended to do. Therefore, you can experience the game Roommates, an extremely attractive simulation game. You will be playing the role of a lucky guy, having the opportunity to meet and date many girls at the same time.

Story of the game

Participating in the game, you get to play the role of the main character, a lucky guy. You start your new life in a city, sharing a house with strangers. When you open the door, you meet the host and the people who will be staying with you. The surprising thing here is that they are all mature, beautiful and charming girls.

Since then, many stories have taken place in that house. You can discover the story of each character, each girl. Each of them has their own interesting stories. Through the days spent together, you and them can develop feelings and progress to secret dates. In addition to the three girls living in the same house, you also get to meet a few other friends who are equally beautiful. You can choose anyone to talk to, flirt with and date.

Interact with the characters

Like other visual novel games, you will interact with the characters in the game through conversations and actions. It starts with greetings and acquaintances when you first set foot in this “house of love”. You are warmly welcomed by three beautiful girls. They are ready to help you, the guy who just moved into their house.

In addition to chatting, you can interact with them through actions, participating in certain activities with them. Life in the game plays out like a real life. The game takes place day and night. Those girls also go to work and go out, not always at home. Your every day is new, you discover interesting details and stories about those women.

Make choices and decisions

In everyday life, you encounter situations that need to be resolved. At that time, the game gives you the available options, you just have to choose according to your liking. And of course, those choices can affect the story’s ending. Every decision made has a direct impact on the main storyline. So you need to think carefully before making those decisions.

Flirt, date beautiful girls

Your goal in the game is to conquer one or more girls in that house. They are both single, and ready to date you, as long as you can conquer them. But to conquer them, you have to go through many stages, not dating from the first day. In the beginning, you just need to chat and participate in activities with them. Then you can flirt, say sweet words to make them gradually develop feelings for you. After all, there will be romantic and memorable dates!

APK version of Roommates


  • Ported: Adapted from PC to mobile version. You can download the APK file and install it as usual.
  • Note: Since Roommates is an adaptation, the game may not work on some devices. This case rarely happens.

Download Roommates APK latest version for Android

In addition to engaging simulation gameplay, Roommates also offers stunning visuals for you to enjoy. What makes you fascinated in this game is the character creation in the game. The girls are extremely beautiful, they have their own beauty and style that makes you fall in love from the first time you meet them. Can you conquer them or not? Download the game now to try it out!

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