Booty Farm v8.9 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 27/11/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:8.9
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

We have just introduced to you an adult simulation game, that’s Fap CEO MOD APK. And now, we continue to introduce an adult game on the Nutaku platform. It is called Booty Farm.

Introducing Booty Farm

Why do so many people intend to go to the countryside to live with the life of a farmer? Because the middle-aged people need a peaceful and simple life, without the bustle of the city. There are also young people who enjoy the same life. They went back to the remote countryside, bought a piece of land to develop a dream farm. If you like that and don’t do it, you can join Booty Farm. This game allows you to become a real farmer with many interesting things.

Booty Farm MOD APK is a farm game game, developed by Tender Troupe. And they are also the unit that released this game to Nutaku. Join Booty Farm, you will enjoy a farm game, combined with dating love. This is an attractive game that is loved by many players, you can try it! Here is the game introduction and finally the link to download the Booty Farm MOD APK game for you.

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The plot of the game

You are originally a playboy, living a luxurious life in the city. Suddenly, you inherited a fairly large farm from one of your relatives. Having a playful and lazy working personality, you intend to sell this farm to use money to play. But you changed your mind when you met Mindy.

Mindy is the neighbor girl next to this rotting and unspoilt farm. This place is a poor countryside, without any men here. That’s why the girls here are facing a lot of difficulties. Mindy tells you that want to work for you, she likes farming. Nothing will change if she is not beautiful and sexy. You are captivated by the beauty of Mindy, and have decided to redevelop this farm, and Mindy will be your secretary. Here, you will get acquainted with many other beautiful girls. You can even date all those girls.

The gameplay of Booty Farm

Perhaps the classic farming style has made you feel bored. So Booty Farm is the best choice for you. This game gives you a very new experience in the farm game genre.

In the game Booty Farm, you will take on the role of the owner of a farm. You will have to work with Mindy, your secretary, to do farm work to develop the farm. Mindy loves farming. In particular, she is an extremely hardworking person for her job. As long as you ask, she can do anything. Of course, she will accomplish them excellently.

By planting trees, raising livestock and poultry, you will earn a lot of money for yourself. From there, you will upgrade your farm to get bigger and earn more money. You cannot stop growing your farm. Not only does this keep the farm from growing, but it also affects dating girls. Regarding the item system, you can buy them at the store for your purpose.

Treat girls

It is very important to treat girls. If not, you won’t be able to flirt with them. More importantly, you won’t get sexy pictures of them. Purchase items in the store to donate to those girls. In particular, each girl has her own personality and their requirements are also different.

In order to make them love you and do everything for you, you have to know how to talk. Every conversation with them is very important. Although they always listen to you, but they are difficult to talk. If you make them uncomfortable, you get nothing from them.

In each story, you can choose one of 3 answers with any girl. The difficulty here is that there is only 1 appropriate answer. The other two answers could be rude, or make them feel unhappy. Depending on the girl’s personality, you have to make different choices. These conversations will show your ability to grasp the psychology of women. Through it, you also partly understand women to practice flirting with girls in real life.

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Combining hot cut scenes

Of course, farm development is only part of the game. The goal of the player in Booty Farm is to collect hot scenes of you and the beautiful girls in the game. You are dating any girl, the charming neighbor girl. You can be sweet with them every day and save those wonderful moments.

Graphics and sound

Basically, the game Booty Farm is only designed with 2D graphics. But you will be amazed at the real image of the game. Because the images, cut scenes in the game are designed in 3D style. Especially the character creation. Sexy girls will become sharper thanks to this pose. That enchanting beauty will make you unable to stop while playing the game.

The next plus point of this game is the sound and music. Even though the girls have no voiceover, sometimes their moans are amusing. In addition, there are playful background music tracks added to the game so that you do not get bored.

Add to that sound effects including cute beeps beep reminded when you click. Occasionally, animals on your farm make their signature sounds. Even when you pick up the vegetables, a tinkling sound can be heard in the air. The sound quality of the game is quite good, clear and unbroken.

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MOD APK version Booty Farm

MOD feature

Unlimited Coins/Experience: We bring the Booty Farm MOD version with the extremely interesting Money feature. You will not have to spend a lot of time to make money in the game and still be able to spend money freely. At the beginning of the game, you will not have much money right away, but the amount of money you will increase when used. Therefore, your money will increase unlimited. Each speed boost yields gems.

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Download Booty Farm MOD APK at REDMOD.CO!

Installation Instructions

  • The first step is to download the APK file of the MOD version to your phone or computer.
  • Next, you need to give permission to install apps from Unknown Sources from the Settings> Security section of your device.
  • Then, open the APK file to install the game.
  • When the installation is complete, just open the game, log in and experience it!
  • For players using Android emulators, you also download the APK file as usual. Then, open the Android emulator, drag the APK file to the home screen to install. Finally, just log in and play the game.


Is Booty Farm an online or offline game?

This is an offline game. However, for the first time playing the game, you must have an internet connection to log into your Nutaku account!

Why does a login request appear when opening the game?

Every Nutaku game requires a Nutaku account. Signing up for an account on Nutaku is incredibly simple. You just need to enter your email and login password to have an account immediately. You can register on the Nutaku home page here.

Will playing the MOD version of Booty Farm affect the Nutaku account?

If you play the MOD version, you may have your account deleted. However, this is the case very rarely. Even if you have your account deleted, it’s still easy to create a new one.

Does the MOD version make the game too easy?

Our MOD version only helps you to quickly grow your farm. The rest still depends on your time and your gaming skills.

Does the MOD version work well on Android?

Of course. This version of us can play on both Android phones or Android emulators on PC.

Why when opening the game, it opens the browser and asks for login?

That’s because you’re installing Nutaku’s game for the first time. You need a Nutaku account to log in to any game available on the platform. You just need to visit Nutaku’s homepage to sign up for a free account!

Download Booty Farm MOD APK for Android

Coming to Booty Farm, you will feel the farm work becomes more interesting than ever. You will be motivated to work, to become a rich person. And most importantly, you will be dating a lot of beautiful girls in this game. Moreover, this game also has a unique storyline, you will have a better game experience. A lot of people are playing Booty Farm, what about you? Download the Booty Farm MOD APK now to experience this great game.

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