Dungeon Village 2 v1.4.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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Latest Version:1.4.4
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
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Make your town famous in Dungeon Village 2. Build and manage your town on grasslands, snow fields, even in the underworld. Set up inns, weapon shops and more to convince adventurers to visit. If the development feels too slow, our MOD version, I will help you speed up.

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Introduce game Dungeon Village 2

Released by Kairosoft – unit with huge treasure of mobile games and attractive. Dungeon Village 2 is one of their greatest successes. This is a game with a variety of features, beautiful graphics. It also gives players the real experience of busy life in a village. This place is always under attack from wild beasts and hidden inside are unresolved mysteries. Are you ready to explore? Make this place better and attract adventurers to explore with you.


The village you are going to, is always under the attack of monsters. The people in the village are very worried and they want someone to come to help them quiet the place. You are the chosen one! When you arrive, you find this is truly a village rich in resources. In particular, the underground dungeons contain a lot of diamonds and gems. However, to be able to explore below, you need talented explorers. The strategy of attracting adventurers here to live and work for you has begun to take shape. So how would you do that?


Expanded vacant land

This village is covered by dense green meadows. Therefore, to build facilities, you need to create vacant land. Only cost 10 dong per plot of land, you should expand as much as possible. From there, you can build the necessary facilities to grow the village.

Facilities construction

Depending on your level, you can unlock many facilities. Each facility has its own effects and you will need to spend some money to build it. In the menu “Facilities” you will see all the facilities that you can build currently. Build lots for them to benefit you. Here are some of the important institutions to prioritize:

  • Accommodation, food court: Your main goal is to invite adventurers to the village. Therefore, the inn is a necessary place for them to stop and rest. The maximum number of adventurers possible will be based on the number of inns you can build. Besides that, the food court will provide health for them to work.
  • Weapons and armor shops: Around the village and in the dungeon, monsters will appear. You need to build a facility that provides weapons, armor to provide for both humans and adventurers. They can destroy them every time they encounter them. This is also a way to protect the safety of the people here.
  • Equipment: Small facilities such as flower gardens, fields, statues, oak trees … should also be built a little to decorate the village as well as bring a little bit of economy.

Construction way

So how to build facilities like? Very simple! First, create lots of vacant land around the village. You should choose locations away from where monsters usually appear. Then go to Menu and choose a certain facility you want. Move them to any plot and press “OK”. After that, people will automatically build that facility and complete it within seconds.

Town upgrade

Upgrading your town will help you unlock more modern facilities. This will also help you greatly increase the village’s popularity. Since then, it has attracted many tourists and talented adventurers. To be able to upgrade, you need the following:

  • Famous score required: The popularity will increase when you build more facilities, organize many events.
  • Earning Required Quantity: There are many ways to increase your income. Destroying monsters will drop gold. Establishments will also earn income over time. In particular, dungeon exploration is the fastest way because there are many gold and gem chests there.
  • Event Organizer: For each upgrade, you need to organize the required number of events. For example, when you first upgrade, you need to organize 2 events: “Little Pick-up” and “fire safety patrol”.
  • Building the required base: You will have to build the required base. For example for the first time, you need to build “Accessories House”.

You can observe progress based on the green check mark next to the requested task. If it’s all done, just click “Upgrade”.

Dungeon exploration

This is the main purpose for you to do everything to attract adventurers. They will help you discover and collect all the valuable items below the dungeon. In the village always appears deep holes, you just need to click and take the challenge. Adventurers will help you to go down and get the job done. You can observe their progress on the screen below. Adventurers are defeated by monsters, they will be immediately sent to the ground and revived after a period of time. The rest of the adventurers will continue to go through the journey. The mission is successful, you will receive loads of gold and precious items.

Give gifts to adventurers

Give them equipment or accessories to increase work stat, HP and attack and defense stats. They are the main workers and need investment. If you have the complete equipment, they will work at full capacity and bring many benefits to you.


Occasionally on the screen will appear small tasks for you. It could be building a certain facility, fighting monsters or organizing events. These tasks are easy to do and give you a lot of benefits. Get gold on completion, increase the village’s popularity … don’t skip these quests every time they appear.

Save the game progress

In the lower left corner of the screen there will be a “Save” button to keep your current progress. This feature is essential for you to be offline at any time. Dungeon Village 2 does not have an idle feature so the characters will be inactive if you are offline.


Dungeon Village 2 was developed with a bright 2D rendering. The way of shaping the characters and materials is very close and true. The configuration is not too high, making this game suitable for all models. The overhead view gives you a panoramic view of all positions in the village. You can also enlarge or adjust the screen size using the touch controls. Besides, the harmonious and gentle background music brings the feeling of a peaceful village.

MOD APK version of Dungeon Village 2

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: Money increases as you spend

Note: The process of downloading the game for the first time is quite a long time, please be patient until you can play the game.

Download Dungeon Village 2 MOD APK for Android

Break through the ranks and create the greatest town you will ever see. Dungeon Village 2 is like a strategy game mixed with RPG elements. This game is currently very popular in Japan and some other countries. Please join us to feel the full appeal of this game. Wish you happy gaming!

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