DogLife: BitLife Dogs v1.8.2 Mod APK (Free Time Machine, Unlocked)

Last updated: 14/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.8.2
MOD Info:Free Time Machine, Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

Open a dog house to satisfy your passion now in the game DogLife: BitLife Dogs! You will start your journey by raising the cutest dogs. Keep them happy by taking care of them and playing with them every day! Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK, you will have a lot of help to make raising dogs easier.

Introduce game DogLife: BitLife Dogs

Nowadays, you can find a lot of dog breeding simulation games. Old Friends Dog Game or Dungeon Dogs are both attractive titles of this genre. But DogLife: BitLife Dogs is the difference in content. You will follow the life of a dog from its adoption to its death. It will be more realistic than similar games. There are also many other interesting features waiting for you to discover and experience!

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Dozens of different dog breeds to choose from

Choose your first dog

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a puppy to be your friend. It is also the first dog that you practice taking care of. Not only is this a long-term companion, this puppy can also help you understand the game better. You will be guided in detail on how to raise and care for the most effective. There are many different dogs to choose from. However, that’s not all dogs included in this game. You can find more and more dog breeds as the game progresses.

Unlock many new dogs

If you complete the achievements well, new dogs will gradually be unlocked. In this game you have many ways to bring them back to your base. The first is to buy them from the store, which sells a lot of beautiful and rare dog breeds. Choose a dog you love the most, wait until you have enough money to bring it home. Dozens of dog breeds are waiting for you, including Labrador retrievers, French mastiffs, German Shepherds, golden retrievers, bulldogs, poodles, beagles, poodles, dachsunds, corgis, sheepdogs Australians, Boxers, Great Danes, Huskies and more!

When you walk on the street, you will meet wild dogs. This is the second way that you can increase the number of your base. When you see them, tap to bring up the selections. There are 3 options for you to decide: leave, bring them home and feed them. But we believe, you will always choose to adopt them out of love.

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Follow the information, discover the story of each dog

Take care them

Your main task in this game is to raise the dogs well. Feed them, take care of their health and play with them. Each dog will have indicators such as: health, mood, loyalty, respect… If you take good care, those indicators will always show green. And if red appears, those are cases that need to be handled immediately. Specifically, if the health indicators are poor, you have to feed them. If the mood stat is low, you need to pet and play with them. Those are the basics when you’re doing your dog business.

Unexpected consequences

You will not be able to imagine your dog if not well taken care of. When one of their stats plummets and doesn’t improve, the donkeys run into problems. If they are too hungry, they will get sick and gradually die. If they feel unloved and their mood is low, they will leave. Therefore, you need to pay attention to them continuously by monitoring the indicators. Well-groomed dogs will increase loyalty, and they will help you a lot.

Profile, story

Every dog you raise has a unique profile. In it is information about the price when you buy it, your personality, your favorite food, etc. In particular, it contains their stories. It’s like a diary, talking about what happened and their thoughts. From that important information, you will have an overview of the uncle for you to raise. That way you can take better care of them. When you understand a dog too well, taking care of them will be extremely simple!

BitLife Dogs APK 444x789
Get the consequences if you don’t take good care of the dogs


DogLife: BitLife Dogs possesses vivid 3D graphics about the scene of a dog establishment. Dozens of dog breeds are designed to look like real life down to the smallest detail. You’ll find a fun, bustling dog facility with hundreds of adorable dogs. All images are highly detailed, you can interact with whatever appears on the screen. Thanks to that, you will feel the realism of the game. Inspiration will increase and satisfy your passion for dog breeding. The sound of the dogs, the background music is continuously played, giving you the feeling of a gentle and peaceful simulation game.

MOD APK version of DogLife: BitLife Dogs

MOD features

  • Free to use Time Machine
  • Rare dog breeds unlocked

Reviews from users

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is one of the most loved dog breeding simulation games on Google Play. Let’s find out what players think about this game with us!

“The game is quite good, I feel like participating in an actual dog breeding facility. I like this game because it has many breeds of dogs that I like. If there is no qualification to breed dogs, this is it. The game can help me satisfy my passion.”

“This is the best dog game I’ve ever played. It’s more like reality when it focuses on the psychology of dogs. They know joy, sadness and boredom when receiving care from their owners. Because So, when experiencing the game, I always try to take good care of them. As an animal lover, I don’t want my pets to leave or die unfortunately.”

“Everything in the game is perfect. But there is one problem that I feel when experiencing. It is quite expensive to buy dogs while earning quite little. I have to hoard for a long time to be able to buy them. I got a dog from the store. The rest, I can only get them from bringing them back from the street. Hope the publisher can improve this.”

Download DogLife: BitLife Dogs MOD APK for Android

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is a perfect game for you to show your love for dogs. This is a cute and attractive simulation sim with many unique content. Real-life features to give you a more authentic feel for dog farming. A lot of people have loved this game, how about you? Download the game now and feel all the greatness it has to offer!

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