Episode – Choose Your Story v25.40 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 13/09/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:25.40
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Publisher:Episode Interactive
Package:Google Play Link

Do you know, Episode – Choose Your Story is the world’s largest collection of interactive stories. This game lets you participate in countless stories and become the main character. Immersed in romantic love, you will write your own story. Our MOD version gives you a number of advantages, please consider using it!

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Introduce about Episode – Choose Your Story

Released by Episode Interactive, this is the most engaging and exciting interactive game in the world. The game has 2 times smoother loading speed and animation after the latest update. At Episode – Choose Your Story, you can create a million-read story by yourself. Along with countless attractive locations, this game offers variety and attraction. Join us now for your great moment entertainment!

Design your avatar

Your avatar will show who you are, so it’s really important. Use your creativity to create a unique character. You can choose gender, hair color, skin color and edit facial parts. The game gives you countless suggestions about eyes, nose, mouth .. for you to choose easily. In addition, costumes are also an indispensable part. Episode – Choose Your Story offers you a collection of extreme fashion. You can freely coordinate the map, creating unique ideas for your character.

Discover countless stories

This is the most attractive main part of this game. Joining Episode – Choose Your Story, you will experience and interact with more than 100,000 different stories. Immersed in the romantic world of love, you won’t be able to take your eyes off. There are also many stories of adventure and drama. In each story, you will be the main character. Really a great experience!

Change your fate

Not only join the story as the main character, you can also change the course and the ending. Your choices will also change your characters’ fates. Episode – Choose Your Story allows you to interact directly with each story. Therefore, the end of a story is happy or disappointing, you decide. In addition, you can also create your own story. Write and publish your stories interactively on Episode platform, accumulating millions of reads yourself.

Join a dating community

If you are a lover of romance in love, come to LOVE ON FIRE. This is a dating contest in this game. You will live in a villa by the beach. There will be other hot singles who are also looking for true love. You will talk to them and exchange words of love. Learning how to talk and chase someone you like, it’s very practical, isn’t it!

Some favorite places

  • LOVE ON FIRE: Participate in the biggest dating competition with hot singles.
  • RULE BREAKER: Find out what happens when you start liking someone technically “going overboard”. Will you pursue that romantic spark?
  • K * SS LIST: Kentwood Academy is ripe to take over. Continue your perfect streak in the schools dominated by Kentwood’s 10 hottest kisses.
  • THAT’S OUR SECRET: Getting rid of dryness becomes easier when you and your super cute neighbor start a secret love affair. The movie comes with it … not so easy!
  • I ENDED ONE MILLION PEOPLE: Are opposites attractive? You have never believed in love … but when you marry a sexy millionaire, you start to think differently.
  • FRIENDS HAVE BENEFITS: Everything between you and your best friend suddenly … changed. Everyone says you can’t cross that line, but what if love is real?


Episode – Choose Your Story is not a game that focuses on graphics. But not too simple, this game still has fresh and vivid colors. The character and setting are beautifully designed. Picture storytelling is also a very enjoyable experience. Flexible background music to inspire each player of Episode – Choose Your Story.

MOD APK version of Episode – Choose Your Story

MOD feature

  • Free Premium Choices: Free and premium choices will look the same, you can also get premium outfits from it
  • No Cheat Detection

Download Episode – Choose Your Story MOD APK for Android

Join Episode – Choose Your Story so you can enjoy thousands of love stories, adventure and thrill. Stories are updated every weekend, please visit Redmod regularly for the fastest new versions. Another note is that your phone needs Android 6.0 or higher to be compatible with the game. Click on the link below and start your story right now!

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