Driver Life – Car Simulator v0.6 Mod APK (All Car Unlocked)

Last updated: 26/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.6
MOD Info:All Car Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.4+
Publisher:TOJGAMES — Car racing games & Driving simulators
Package:Google Play Link

Driver Life – Car Simulator MOD APK is an extremely attractive driving simulation game. It gives you the choice of many different vehicles to drive and complete your mission.

Introducing Driver Life – Car Simulator

If you are tired of racing games that are stressful, try the driving simulation game experience. This game genre allows you to experience a relaxing and entertaining gameplay, without pressure or competition. Driver Life – Car Simulator was released not long ago by TOJGAMES — Car racing games & Driving simulators. Surely this game will bring you an interesting and memorable experience.

Driving simulation gameplay

Usually, other driving simulation games only let you control a single vehicle. For example, the game Police Sim 2022 lets you drive a police car, Bus Simulator PRO lets you drive a bus,… And each game has its own interesting experiences. But coming to Driver Life – Car Simulator, you will have a much more interesting experience. That is you get to drive many different types of vehicles. Each type of vehicle has its own missions for you.

For context, Driver Life – Car Simulator takes you to rural villages in America. Instead of large cities with high-rise buildings, the game chooses an old village location with classic houses. The purpose of the developer is to bring a familiar and close experience to everyone. Even those who are living in the lavish city, they will remember their childhood days in their hometown.

Vehicle system and customization

Driver Life – Car Simulator offers a diverse vehicle system for you to choose from. From classic cars, old cars to super cars, sports cars, pickup trucks, police cars… It’s all in this amazing simulation game. And each car in the game is shaped and designed with different colors. In particular, you can also customize the appearance of your car. By changing the paint color, or applying decals, your car will become more unique.

In addition, you can also customize other parts and details in the car. Every car has its own parts, engines and components. Feel free to change or upgrade those details if you want.

Diverse quest system

As mentioned, Driver Life – Car Simulator game offers many different vehicles for you to choose from. So each type of vehicle has different missions for you to complete. Every day, the game gives you a certain amount of tasks. After completing, you receive bonuses and many other valuable gifts. The mission system in the game is very diverse, not just driving around the area. Instead, you have to take on tasks such as parking the car in the specified place, picking up passengers, overcoming obstacles, performing other acrobatic maneuvers…

Driving a car

The way to control the car in the game is designed quite similar to the cars in real life. And most of the vehicles of the game share the same control. You can easily see as the illustration in this article. You just need to move the direction in two directions left and right, instead of the steering wheel. On the right side of the screen is the accelerator, brake and some other details.

To make it difficult, this control is not difficult, you can easily get used to it if you have ever played other driving or racing games. But if you’ve never played, it takes time to practice. Driving is quite simple, but to master it, you have to practice quite a lot. Because the challenges in the game are very difficult, requiring you to have skillful and skillful skills.

Realistic graphics

Game Driver Life – Car Simulator emphasizes authenticity for the player experience. Therefore, it is equipped with quite impressive quality 3D graphics. So this graphic is optimized to work smoothly on most mobile devices. However, low-profile devices are difficult to get the experience you want. The visual design part is also appreciated. The car system in the game is extremely eye-catching, just as beautiful as the cars in real life. Add to that the realistic environmental effects by day and night. You can even feel the truth through the changing weather, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy.

Live sound

In addition to graphics, sound effects are also an important part of creating the best experience for players. You will feel the vibrancy in every movement of the car. As soon as you start the car, you are already amused by the sound of the engine. After that, the effects of car brakes, collisions or effects when you drift… all bring an extremely interesting experience.

MOD APK version of Driver Life – Car Simulator

MOD features

All Car Unlocked (they are only available for viewing ads).

Download Driver Life – Car Simulator MOD APK latest version for Android

Driver Life – Car Simulator is really an attractive driving simulation game that you should not ignore. In addition to the main mission system, you are free to drive and enjoy the scenery on the peaceful and beautiful village roads. You will feel like directly driving a car thanks to high quality graphics and vivid sounds. Download Driver Life – Car Simulator MOD APK now to have fun with this relaxing game!

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