My Home Design – Modern City v5.5.6 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 01/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:5.5.6
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever thought of what your own home will be like in the future? So why don’t you do it right now with My Home Design – Modern City game. This is a home design, layout and decoration game for Android. The house and all objects are designed so authentically, you will quickly see your luxury home shape later.

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Introduce game My Home Design – Modern City

My Home Design – Modern City is a new game released not long ago by CookApps. This game has two main gameplay modes: match-3 puzzle and house design. Here, you need to maximize 2 skills: thinking and creativity. Not only that, you are also consulted by world-famous interior designers. This is an extremely good opportunity for you to create a comfortable, sophisticated and satisfying home. Ready yet!

Work with a famous interior designer

During your journey, you will accompany 2 talented friends. It was designer Chloe Williams and her business partner – Liam Gold. They are very successful people in interior design. Working with them, you will learn more skills, perfect design methods. Have you never designed them before? Don’t worry, they will guide you from basic to advanced. However, it is only a comment, you can still make your own preferences.

Match-3 puzzle

One element of this much-loved game is its match-3 puzzle mechanics. You are certainly no stranger to this gameplay. Currently there are many famous games that also apply match-3 gameplay as a springboard for other features. Moreover, it also comes in many different variants. Therefore, we can easily recognize the appeal of this style of play.

In My Home Design – Modern City, you need to solve a lot of puzzles to make a lot of money. Actively create combinations of 4 to 5 candies of the same color to create special candies. It will help you to easily destroy required items. Not only that, you can also gain but long combos to make more money.

The difficulty of the puzzles will increase gradually at higher levels. The challenge of this game is the pressure of time and number of turns. How annoying it is to be able to solve this puzzle only one more turn! Therefore, you need to calculate carefully before each move. Also, one day you will be limited to the number of hearts. For each unsuccessful puzzle attempt, one point will be deducted. If you don’t have a heart, you can’t continue the game and have to wait a while.

Design by yourself

Design your own home

Time to fulfill your open wish! Start with remodeling the rooms of your house. Paint the bedroom, clean the living room and the kitchen … When you have ample empty space, you can proceed to arrange the interior of the house. Using the money earned from solving puzzles, you can purchase all the most modern items. A luxurious sofa set for another room, a lovely bed for the bedroom and kitchen utensils, tables and chairs … Arrange and arrange everything according to your creative ideas. In addition, you can also combine ideas from design expert Chloe Williams to create the perfect design.

Designed for others

What do you think when you make money by designing? Meet clients who are newlyweds, successful entrepreneurs … Listen to their requests and help them arrange everything in the house. Huge remuneration is what you will get after each such contract. The difficulty here is that each customer will have different requirements. So you need to have a variety of design knowledge to meet all requirements. These things you will learn from Chloe Williams, she will introduce you in detail.

Graphics, sound

In terms of graphics, My Home Design – Modern City is built with 3D graphics and highly detailed images. Each item, accessory to the interior is very authentic. You will feel like you are designing a real home. And this is what players love about this game. They experience the most practical things from this game. The vivid and luxurious color of the villa is what we feel the most.

Broken candies in match-3 puzzle mode create extremely catchy sounds. In addition, not to mention omitting the lively background music that is incorporated in the game. My Home Design – Modern City will bring you relaxing moments from graphics to sound.

MOD APK version of My Home Design – Modern City

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Insurance fees
  • Unlimited Heart

Reviews from users

An attractive game will receive the attention of many players. They will give the most practical reviews about their experience in this game. Here are the reviews from users on Google Play:

“The game is entertaining, I like it but the items if you want to play a lot.

“I just started playing but only step 1, not only the direction of the next step. I hope the game can show everyone to play the next step! Thank you very much”

“High quality game, fun, comfortable, relax after tiring days. I can freely create for my house. It’s great!”

“That’s good! The game does not impose equipment in the house, but instead has 3 choices for the player. I can design the house according to the color and object that I like.”

“Of all the home design games, this is the game I am most satisfied with …. well worth it, you should download and play”

“This game is very fun! It also forged me patience, please download it to try it!”

“I find this game very useful, it helps me to know a job is also very fun, but staying at home doing nothing is also sad”

“Great game, every time you make a lot of money. The furniture is very nice, every time you play it all good luck. It gives me a feeling of being motivated to win happily, in general is great, so download about play “

Download My Home Design – Modern City MOD APK for Android

Build, design your home and make your dreams come true in the game My Home Design – Modern City. For us, this is the most attractive home design game today. It is composed of many eye-catching gameplay and graphics. Enjoy witty and cheerful conversation between designers and clients. Please note that this game saves your progress on your device. The data will be reset if you delete the app or change the device. Right now, download My Home Design – Modern City and feel this great thing with us!

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