CamGirls Inc v0.78 Mod APK (Energy, Menu)

Last updated: 20/05/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.78
MOD Info:Energy, Menu
Requires:Android 4.4+
Package:Google Play Link

What if you became the CEO of an entertainment company? Come to CamGirls Inc, you will be developing an entertainment company with extremely beautiful and attractive girls.

Introduce about CamGirls Inc

CamGirls Inc is a game developed by Hooligapps. This is a mobile game company that is quite famous for its dating games with many topics. REDMOD has introduced some of their games like Sinful Puzzle, Chick War, Hot Gym or Love Academy. Most of this developer’s products are released on the platform. And so does CamGirls Inc, it supports many different platforms. You can play directly on the web, download it to your phone, tablet or play with an Android emulator on your PC or laptop.

Accordingly, CamGirls Inc was developed with idle simulation gameplay. You become an executive of an entertainment company, where glamorous models shine. They may work to earn you money and even date you!

Become a tycoon in the entertainment industry

With entrepreneurial ambitions, you start your career with a small livestream room. And a model will go live to earn advertising money and donate money for you. Once you have the first money, invest to develop into an office, an entertainment company. You need to recruit new employees, beautiful girls to work for you.

Along with that, choose to cooperate with reputable investors and advertising companies. Gradually, your company becomes more and more famous and loved by more viewers. You can make a lot of money from this job. Your goal is to become a tycoon in the entertainment industry, and date all your beautiful staff.

Recruit models for your company

Whether your company can develop or not depends partly on your strategy, the rest is the attraction of stars and models. If the model you hire is beautiful, the more people watching the livestream, the more money you will earn. So, choose and sign contracts with the most beautiful, most famous models. Before signing a contract, you need to select carefully. There are hundreds of models with different looks and personalities for you to choose from. Of course, you can choose whoever works for you, as long as you like. Take them to your studio, they both work for you and can meet your emotional needs.

Developing a profitable livestream room

The mission of the girls in the game is to livestream to attract viewers from all over the world. The topics of those livestreams can be about love, dating, interacting with idols, etc. The more popular your star is, the more viewers it will have. That means you will earn more and more money. Gradually, you will become rich by this business model. Keep expanding your live stream room and hiring more models, your company will become the biggest, most loved entertainment company!

Date your employees

The attraction of the game CamGirls Inc is not only in the idle simulation gameplay, but also in the dating element. As a director, all employees follow your arrangement. They are willing to do anything for you, but you have to pamper them and make them happy. Once you have gained trust after the conversations, you can date any girl you like. Those will be extremely sweet and memorable dates!

Cartoon graphics are quite eye-catching

CamGirls Inc game is developed with not too high quality 2D graphics. But the image is designed in a very nice cartoon style. The attraction in the game comes from the dating scenes, “sweet” scenes with long-legged supermodels, hot bodies. Because they are shaped extremely beautiful, like famous models in real life. Conquer those girls, and collect romantic date cutscenes with them!

MOD APK version of CamGirls Inc

MOD features

  • Free Upgrade
  • Double Energy Reward

Download CamGirls Inc MOD APK latest version for Android

With an addictive idle simulation gameplay, CamGirls Inc is enough to attract a large number of players. It also has an extremely attractive dating and love element. Therefore, the game is being loved by many players. How about you? Download CamGirls Inc MOD APK game via the link below to start experiencing it!

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