Sexy Airlines v2.3.2.2 Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Unlocked)

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Latest Version:
MOD Info:Unlimited Money/Unlocked
Requires:Android 4.1+
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What do you think if you have a girlfriend who is a flight attendant? What’s more, you’re the owner of the world’s largest airline! Just join the game Sexy Airlines, you can make them come true. Our Sexy Airlines MOD APK version will make your game experience faster and easier.

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Introduce game Sexy Airlines

Sexy Airlines is the perfect place to entertain in your free time. This game gives you a professional airline workspace. In particular, you are here to be the boss, manager and operator of a growing company. Unleash your creativity in customer acquisition strategies and make your establishment world-famous. In addition, you can also date beautiful and attractive hostesses. Follow the article below so you can better understand how Sexy Airlines plays!

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Make flights all over the world

Manage your own airline


You can’t win the customer’s trust in the first place. Therefore, the important thing now is to build a brand. Limited budget, no experience, so you will start from the simplest things. Open a small branch with 2 to 3 planes, make cheap but quality flights to attract customers. After that, you can implement many promotional policies to gradually spread your brand. Before that, you need to make many safe flights, quality and good service.

Upgrade facilities

Service quality is extremely important, as it impacts the customer experience. Therefore, you need to quickly upgrade everything to become more modern and advanced. Upgrade the aircraft, aircraft, equipment in the cabin… As long as it is related to the customer experience, it needs to be upgraded. Of course, upgrading everything will cost quite a lot of economy. Therefore, you cannot develop all at once, but must gradually increase.

Service expansion

Don’t stop at a single service! Players usually just focus on developing flights. Although it is the main job, it will slow down the progress of your company. Therefore, please expand many other related services. For example: a restaurant in the lobby, a private jet service, a private helicopter, a package tour… The more services you have, the more money you will earn in a short time. That is a necessary condition for you to quickly make your brand famous worldwide.


You cannot take care of all the work at the company and the airport alone. Therefore, hiring staff is essential for them to help you operate the system. First, you need to recruit qualified pilots to work. They are the ones who directly operate safe, quality and fast flights. Besides, there are beautiful flight attendants for them to serve passengers on the flight. Ticketing staff, cleaning staff, security, inspection… also need to have enough to ensure quality.

About the company, you need to hire employees working in the positions of marketing, human resource management, accounting… so that they can run the core business for you instead. At that time, you will have more time to think, create and operate new business strategies.

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Selection of beautiful flight attendants

Daily mission

In addition to the profit from the airport, you can also earn a lot of money from missions and events every day, every week. The quests are constantly refreshing so you can perform and earn valuable rewards. The missions also revolve around your aviation base and are easy to do. It could be upgrading something, or receiving the required number of customers… Do it once and get two rewards, extremely convenient, isn’t it!

Idle feature

With management simulation games, players need a lot of time to progress and develop their base. But not everyone has a lot of time to be online continuously. Therefore, the idle feature is extremely important and convenient. You can let employees automatically run and do the work even when offline. Even if you don’t have a lot of time online, you still get a large amount of profit when you log in. You can quickly upgrade and expand your branch. It’s incredibly convenient, and that’s the feature we absolutely love in this game.

Dating the hostesses

This is a feature featured in all Nutaku games. And so is Sexy Airlines, you can date pretty girls in it. Countless beautiful flight attendants come from many countries around the world: Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam and Prague to New York, Cape Town, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo. Choose a girl you like and go on a romantic date. Each girl also has different personalities, making you fall in love with their beautiful and seductive appearance. Be the gentleman on emotional dates!

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Compete with many other players around the world

Graphics, sound

With the management simulation genre, it is certain that Sexy Airlines does not have beautiful visual effects. This is a game to enhance authenticity, so every image, context or object is extremely close. You will feel no when working passionately in this game through the activities of the characters. Moreover, the beautiful flight attendants are designed to be very eye-catching. They are a strong inspiration for many players to spend more time playing. Besides the vivid sound from the plane, the working atmosphere… giving you the most authentic experience.

New feature update

Latest Version: (Updated on July 13, 2022)

V2.1.1.1: CYBER MONDAY Event

V2.0.0.26: Lingerie Event. An extremely exciting new event is waiting for you. Here are the interesting content included in this event:

Completing exclusive event quests unlocks visuals/animations for Marissa, Angel, Joanne, Katrijn, and Raveena/Imka. These images are unlocked when you complete the fourth objective in each sequence;

  • An extremely hot and sexy new fashion collection is waiting for you to unlock;
  • The event’s destination is Vienna with an increased drop rate of skin items;
  • The event begins on October 22 and will end on October 26.

V Limited FA Event: Pornstar Madelina Dee! In the new week, the developer has brought players a brand new event. Along with that is the appearance of an extremely hot star, which is Madelina Dee. Get to know her more in topics and pamper her. Gradually, you will gain her affection and many interesting things are waiting for you to discover.

V2.0.0.19: The F*cktoberfest event is organized for players to participate and discover interesting things afterwards. During this event, hunt for crackers in exchange for other fun event content.

F*cktoberfest event information:

  • Unlock 2 new animations of two extremely attractive German girls, Melina and Leoni;
  • Added 8 more German Dirndl skins for Melina, Haruka, Yulia, Thida, Giselle, Naomi, Angel and Antje;
  • To unlock event content, collect ‘cookies’ globally;
  • Also lots of new content and new animations will be added in upcoming updates!

MOD APK version of Sexy Airlines

MOD features

  • Unlimited dollars
  • Unlimited messengers
  • Unlocked world maps
  • Unlocked all skins
  • Bypassed auto-ban

Download Sexy Airlines MOD APK for Android

Overall, Sexy Airlines is a perfect entertainment game for you every free time. Engaging content and eye-catching, realistic graphics help you feel at ease after every login. Moreover, you can also find the emotions of dating beautiful and attractive flight attendants. Free to play and uncensored, you can enjoy the experience with peace of mind. Show your executive and management talents now in this idle simulation game!

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