Fap CEO v1.107 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

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Latest Version:1.107
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever wished to become the CEO of a leading entertainment company in the world? Surely this is the wish of many people. However, not everyone can do it because of many different factors. But today, we will give you a try to feel like a talented CEO in the field of entertainment. By participating in the game Fap CEO, you will start the development of your entertainment company.

Introducing Fap CEO

Fap CEO MOD APK is an idle simulation game for adults. It was developed by BoomBox Games and published by Nutaku Publishing. This game was released on Nutaku.net platform and not on popular app stores. You can play the game directly via the browser or download the APK file installed on your phone, or Android emulator.

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Gameplay simulation

Fap CEO developed the game in the style of simulation and idle style. In this game, you do not need to do too much work. Your task is simply to grow your entertainment company bigger and bigger. Your entertainment company invests in the adult entertainment industry. It’s for beautiful girls to live stream, chat with their fans.

Starting the game, you only have a small office, can also be considered a company. You will hire girls to work for you, and a girl to be a secretary. Your staff will livestream all the time to make money for you. Once your office has been successful, you can sell it to make a profit. Then you start a new, larger, more promising company.

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Events often

Many people wonder why this game has been released so long and is still loved by many people. This is because of the variety of game content and interesting events are created regularly. Sometimes, when you have not yet participated in an old event, a new event will be created. In it, each new event adds new conversations, pictures, gifs, and skins for girls. Therefore, players of FAP CEO will never feel bored.

The frequent release of events has unfortunately missed many players. But the game has the ability to rejoin old events. Thanks to that, you can re-join at any time. You won’t miss any stories, get awesome gifs.

Each event launched has its own fun and gameplay. Be it event click, or do the task of collecting items, even setting a time to wait and return to receive the item, … These are all quite simple events that you can easily join as well as complete. With only effort, you will get new conversations, pictures, skins or girls.

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How to become the richest CEO

To become a talented and rich CEO, you will have to go through many difficulties. As introduced, you will start from a small office. If you can grow it into a company, you get profit. Then you sell the small company, start a larger company. If able and lucky, the new company will easily grow. On the contrary, if you cannot manage, the company will not make a profit.

In order to grow rich and powerful entertainment companies, you must have the right experience and right decisions. Keep hiring beautiful girls to work for you. You lose their rent, but they bring you a lot of money from the livestream job. You can unlock many girls, to hire them to work for you.

Treat girls

To be able to run the company and manage the girls, you have to know them. For them, each person has their own personality. Along with that are different occupations, looks, and ages. Remember, they’re not just your employees, they’re your friends. Outside of work, you also have to talk to them or flirt with them. They need to be pampered like lovers.

What’s more, each girl has her own story to share with you. Get to know them and help them solve their problems. During the game, you will receive chests to unlock rewards. Openable gifts, please give them to your beautiful girls.

Of course, they don’t pointlessly accept your gift. After each good conversation, they will present you with captivating images, or gifs. Those are also H-cense who cannot take their eyes off. Collect all those cutscenes, you can enjoy them at any time.

Perfectly combined images

Any developer wants to deliver the best image quality for their players. For the FAP CEO, this is a really great visual game. You will be quite surprised when the game only has 2D graphics. But combined with 3D character creation, you feel like this is a vivid 3D game. The character system is 3D-styled very beautiful and seductive. Especially the gifs that the staff gave you, they are very eye-catching and addictive.

As for the sound effects and background music, the game is not too impressive. When you first play, you really like, the soft background music accompanied by the “groan” of the girls. Along with that is the sound effects of the keyboard, the music in the studio is quite lively. But those music and sounds have not changed since the game’s release. If the game adds new background music and sounds, the game will be better.

Player ratings for FAP CEO

As a very hot game, so FAP CEO received a lot of reviews from players around the world. Here are the most prominent reviews for this game:

“This game is really amazing. Especially the hot pictures and gifs of some white girls. Their bodies are very sexy, even though it’s simulations, but very little in real life. Who is like that! “

“Good game, pretty interesting gameplay. But I want more variety of gameplay, it’s just touch screen. It would be more interesting to add mini games. Anyway, this game is still great. great! “

“Any game on Nutaku is cool. I’ve been playing the FAP CEO for a couple of years, and still haven’t been bored now. Because new content is added by the developer regularly.”

“I played a lot of games on Nutaku, but only the FAP CEO made me addicted. It was not boring, there were no ads. And most importantly, the game’s visuals are beautiful. , will definitely be much more wonderful. “

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Latest updates

Latest Version: 1.103 (Updated on October 23, 2021)

  • Event Organizer Roxanne Clicking Event! for players to join;
  • Meet the newest character, with a hot body;
  • Added new animations;
  • New story;
  • Fix some minor bugs encountered in the old version.

MOD APK version of Fap CEO

MOD feature

Unlimited money: You can unleash spending for your company without worrying about running out of money. You will quickly become rich.

Important note: The first time you log in the game, you will not have money available. You need to complete the first part of the game which is selling the first company. When you move on to the next section, go to the CEO’s office and right-click on the green up arrow icon. Here, reset your skills with gems to gain more gems.

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MOD feature: Unlimited Money!


Is there a version for iOS?

FAP CEO game is only released on Nutaku platform or downloaded from REDMOD. It is only available for Android devices. Even on Google Play there is no game.

I often miss events, how do I not miss out?

Events are created regularly, you can play the game every day so you don’t miss out. Or you can rejoin old events so you don’t miss out on interesting stories.

I wonder if this is a 2D game or is it 3D?

At first glance, you will think it is a 3D game because character creation in the game is 3D style. But in fact, this is just a game with 2D graphics quality only.

How to quickly unlock cutscenes?

Play our MOD version, it is not too easy but will help you quickly unlock the pictures you want.

Why do I have to install the Launch file to install the game?

For FAP CEO only, you need to download this file to be able to install it on your Android phone. Even Android emulator too!

How do the MOD features work?

Extremely simple, you just need to download the game to install and experience, no need to activate the MOD feature.

Will my phone not get viruses from your APK file?

Of course not. Our APK file has been thoroughly tested, it doesn’t pose any threat to your phone!

Download Fap CEO MOD APK latest version for Android

Overall, the gameplay of Fap CEO has a completely different style compared to other games on Nutaku. Not only that, you also enjoy a lot of fascinating hot scenes in this game. Right now, you can download Fap CEO MOD APK and start work to become your best CEO. To experience this game, you just need to download the APK file and install it normally. After that, you need to login to your Nutaku account. If not, you can visit the Nutaku homepage to register for an account.

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