ChickTok Brawler v0.2.6 Mod APK (Buff Power)

Last updated: 22/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:0.2.6
MOD Info:Buff Power
Requires:Android 5.0+
Package:Google Play Link

ChickTok Brawler brings you a unique evolution of the action game genre. This is a unique combination of many of the most attractive gameplay today. Along with beautiful graphics, you will have interesting experiences. Download our ChickTok Brawler MOD APK so you can play the game easier!

Introduce game ChickTok Brawler

From Nutaku – a unit specializing in producing adult games, ChickTok Brawler has officially launched! This is an attractive action game with new mechanics. You will be on an exciting adventure journey with beautiful girls. Unique action gameplay, many characters to unlock and impressive graphics. Join the game and accompany the characters, you will find many interesting things!

Slutty Journey is also a new product of Nutaku, you can try the experience!

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Exciting 3D action game every second


ChickTok Brawler is an incredibly unique combination of 2d beat combat and procedural-like game mechanics. Which means every battle is a new, completely different experience. Combine your abilities, Gear, and Power Up in each attempt to clear the chapter. You will act and manipulate to control characters participating in continuous matches. Use skills, items, and basic attacks to take down oncoming enemies.

The maps continuously appear every time you pass the current map. This is a game with almost endless levels. Indeed, players can comfortably fight and upgrade their strength. The higher the levels go, the more focused you will have to be. Simply because then the enemy was extremely powerful and intelligent. Not only does it require strength, but you also have to have quick hand movements and great reflexes!

Unlock character

You will gradually unlock more characters if you pass certain special levels. Usually, there are several maps that will contain a certain story. It will involve one of the game system key characters. Once passed, that character will volunteer to join your team. These characters will definitely have something special that exists in their powers. Besides, you can unlock characters through the shop. In it you can use money to buy sold characters. The treasure spin can unlock rare characters, but the odds are pretty low and cost a lot of money.

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Continuous combat with high tempo

Power Upgrading

Help the girls gain strength through their avatars! Grow their ChicTok followers and build the ultimate Harem streamer. Every girl in the game can be upgraded to a mutation in general strength. For more details, click on their avatar to access the upgrade system. This game will introduce you to in-depth upgrade facilities for every character’s best performance.

Equipment is also a part of creating an infinite source of power. In action games, weapons are the only equipment you have. You’ll find tons of different weapons as you progress through the levels. Weapons can’t be upgraded, but ChickTok Brawler’s system has a lot of different weapons. Naturally, they have different powers so players try harder to find them.

Combination of characters

ChickTok Brawler is a continuous action game, so the characters need to support each other. Each time you pass the level, you can bring 3 characters. Choose your 3 strongest girls and put them in order. The girls will go to battle in turn, the former will be defeated, the latter will immediately appear. This rotation allows you to maintain the tempo of the game, avoiding interruptions and having to start over. The journey only ends when all 3 characters fail, and you can start over at any time.

Easy controls

The control screen is simple and easy to use, allowing you to use precise attacks and defenses. Since the enemy will attack from 2 sides, you need to focus in your manipulations. The navigation and attack buttons are consistent and streamlined. You can perform high-precision operations. Thanks to this you can also perform complex combos. In addition to dealing more damage, it also helps you accumulate more scores. From there, get more valuable rewards after finishing the current journey.

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Great graphics with beautiful visual effects

Great graphics

ChickTok Brawler is designed based on modern technology with cartoon style. Cute and beautiful characters with charming looks give life to the game. The background is mostly static, but there is an unexpected variety. Each map is a different setting, suitable for the story at the time. In particular, we like the smooth actions of the characters. That flexibility allows players to manipulate and react accurately in every unexpected situation.

Besides that, there are great sounds in the game. Battle sound effects come from weapons, character voices… creating a lively space. This chaos also makes up the game’s significant appeal and attraction. Background music is continuously played, it gives players a lot of inspiration and comfort.

MOD APK version of ChickTok Brawler

MOD feature

  • Menu MOD : includes features like One hit, heal, lifesteal, Rangeattack / nearattack / backattack;
  • Earnings in matches are increased more;
  • God Mode against Archers.
  • Latest version: 0.1.9

Note: if the Skull doesn’t appear, please restart the game

Download ChickTok Brawler MOD APK for Android

ChickTok Brawler is not only an action game, it is also a combination of many other attractive genres. The plot is attractive and logical, creating a journey with no levels that allows you to freely experience. The high-paced gameplay does not allow you to lose focus, so the attraction is increased. Especially the great graphics of the game with many attractive visual and sound effects. All combined to create a perfect game that you cannot refuse. Click the link below and start your journey with beautiful and charming companions!

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