Chick Wars v1.63 Mod APK (MOD Menu)

Last updated: 13/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.63
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If you are bored with traditional role-playing games, you can try Chick Wars. This is an extremely unique role-playing game, it allows you to fight, be happy sweet dating. This game is developed in combination with turn-based role-playing games and includes sensitive elements for adults only. Therefore, you can only play games when you are 18 years old.

About Chick Wars

Chick Wars was developed by Hooligapps, and was released on Nutaku in 2018. This is not a new game, but it is very attractive and is loved by many people. Therefore, we introduce it in today’s article. The following will be a few introductions about Chick Wars, followed by the download of the Chick Wars MOD APK game for players.

Turn-based role-playing game

In terms of gameplay, Chick Wars was developed like other turn-based role-playing games. You will take your main character, along with the female warriors into the match. The match will take place in turn, you will rely on the skills of the character to make the most reasonable fighting plan possible. Coming to each land, you will meet different monsters and you must defeat them. At the same time, go to each place, you will collect a female warrior, are extremely beautiful girls.

After winning matches, you will receive quite a lot of rewards. These can be bonuses or qusy stones, used for trading in the game. And the most attractive and most anticipated reward is your cut scenes with the girls. That would be extremely sweet and happy sex scenes.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of the game Chick Wars are developed quite specially. Although it is only a 2D game, the quality is not too high, but the image in the game is designed in 3D. This is a very unique way of coordinating, making the game smaller in size but still eye-catching. The most striking feature is probably the character creation section. In the match, the girls in the game are just cartoon characters shaped cute chibi. But with hot scenes, they are sexy girls with fiery bodies.

A good game with just beautiful images is not enough, it needs to have vivid sound. Basically, the sound effects, background music while fighting are not too different. The highlight of the sound continues in the cut scenes of love. Sexy sounds and sweet voices of the girls will immerse you in this game.

Version MOD APK of Chick Wars

  1. Draw all-league cards
    – You can Draw locked league cards at any stage
  2. Battle Speed 4x
    – battle speed increased from 2x to 4x
  3. Instant Journey win
    – the instant win is unlocked in the journey
  4. Unlimited Currency – Not recommended
    – All currencies are unlimited, gems and sparks: 5000, dungeon, pit, DT keys: 2
  5. Low card level-up cost
    – gold consumption for card level-up is decreased by x4
  6. Easy Pit boss win – don’t kill the last boss
    – when the pit battle ends, the pit boss will have only 10 hp left.
  7. Rewards Multiplier
    – Gems, Gold, Guild coins, event eggs, friends coins are multiplied by the given value max x3
  8. VIP 1-4
    – play at level VIP (1-4), now you will get VIP 1,4 medal
  9. Damage and Health multiplier
    – multiply damage by the given value max x3
  10. Evolve Cost Reduction
    – evolve cost reduction up to 60%
  11. PVP chests can start opening them all– Passive
    – start opening all PVP chests cooldown

Important note: You need to Root your phone to play this game.

Download Chick Wars MOD APK for Android

Although the plot of Chick Wars is not too unique, and the role-playing is not intensive, it is still popular with many players. That’s because of the game’s impressive visuals, and especially there are great love scenes. Those cutscenes will interest you, and any man will be captivated. Here is the download link of Chick Wars MOD APK, are you ready to experience it?

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