Attack On Moe H v4.5.0 Mod APK (Unlimited Money, No Skill CD)

Last updated: 18/09/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:4.5.0
MOD Info:Unlimited Money, No Skill CD
Package:Google Play Link

The game introduced today continues to be a product of the publisher Nutaku. It’s Attack On Moe H. This game gives you simple but exciting battles. And of course, the images in the game are what players are interested in.

Introducing Attack On Moe H

Attack On Moe H MOD APK is an RPG game developed by Ignite. It was released by Nutaku Publishing on Almost every game on this platform is developed by unpopular developers. But those are extremely interesting games. As usual, Attack On Moe H is an RPG that combines sensitive elements for adults. Therefore, this game is only for those who are 18 years of age or older.

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The plot of the game

You are living in a kingdom called Pixel. One day, this place suddenly appeared giant girls. These girls are called Moetan. They came to Pixel and devastated the Pixel Kingdom while the people here could not defend against their strength. At this time, the whole kingdom is in danger, need a hero to rescue. The one who hopes to solve this place is a pink-haired guy. And you will play the role of this main character to start the journey to rescue the Pixel Kingdom before the giant girls.

You cannot fight alone, you need the help of the people of the Pixel Kingdom. But you have to convince them. With a giant sword, defeat the enemy, then stand up to the top of the mountain and call on the people to fight.

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Traditional role-playing game

Your task in this game is quite simple, you just use your sword to defeat all enemies. The later, the enemy will become stronger and harder to defeat. Therefore, you also have to constantly upgrade the power of your character. In addition to upgrading, you can also get help from people in Pixel. Unlock stronger Pixel heroes to assist you in completing the lofty quests.

Each match, you will be assessed the level of completion. The better you complete it, the more rewards you will get. Find ways to defeat all enemies, to complete the task as well as complete the goal of conquering your girls.

Many players will think that this game will run out quickly. But in fact, the game has a lot of content so you can enjoy the experience. Currently, Attack On Moe H has more than 2000 levels. And the developer will still add new levels in the future. That helps players always enjoy the game, not get bored.

Admire the hot scenes

Your goal in this game is not to be the strongest, or to defeat them all, but to get all the cutscenes. During the game, you will receive attractive rewards, which are sweet cut scenes of girls. You will admire this wonderful blend of pixels and traditional anime art.

You will be fascinated by the beauty of the female characters in Attack On Moe H. Because they were created by the developer with an extremely attractive appearance. From the face, the hair color to the body, it’s all great. Surely this beauty will fascinate every man, not just you.

New features

In each update, the developer adds new content to the game. Along with that are new features to help you experience the game without being boring. In the latest version 4.3.1, you will experience the following new features:

  • A new Moetan event has begun;
  • Lots of new challenges waiting for you to conquer;
  • New levels added;
  • New glamorous photos are constantly being added.
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MOD APK version of Attack On Moe H

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money: Get more coins for killing enemies
  • Easy Game: Bosses are easier to hit
  • No Skill CD
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Download Attack On Moe H MOD APK at REDMOD.CO!

Important note!

When using the MOD version, it is possible that your account will be permanently locked. You can switch to another account to play the game. Therefore, we recommend that you use your secondary account to log in to this game. Because registering for a Nutaku account is fast and simple.

Installation Instructions

This game only exists as an APK, so you can install it directly on your Android device without any other application. Please follow the steps below to install this game!

  • As a first step, you need to make sure your device has been authorized to install apps from Unknown Sources. You can go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown sources to option this feature.
  • Proceed to download the Attack On Moe H MOD APK file in this article.
  • When the download is successful, you just need to open the file and the system will automatically install it.
  • Open the newly installed game, it redirects you to the browser to log in to your Nutaku account. All Nutaku games require an account to be allowed to play. You can easily register an account at Nutaku’s homepage.
  • Login is complete, you just need to return to the game and start experiencing it!

Note: Each time you update, you should only download the game at REDMOD so as not to interrupt the game progress in the old version.

Download Attack On Moe H MOD APK for Android

In terms of gameplay, Attack On Moe H is not too new compared to other games on Nutaku. But the game theme is novel and the images are eye-catching, so it is still popular. And this game is also rated as one of the most popular games on Nutaku. If you like it, you can download the game now to experience it. Visit every day to discover the best games and applications!

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