Tycoon Business Game v9.90 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 16/10/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:9.90
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
Requires:Android 4.1+
Publisher:Michael Asaraf
Package:Google Play Link

Have you ever tried to test your leadership ability? So come to the game Tycoon Business Game to show your business ability, lead your employees. Own a company, come up with a strategy and become a rich tycoon, can you succeed? Download our Tycoon Business Game MOD APK version so you can experience the game more easily.

You can try running a restaurant in Idle Restaurant Tycoon or a police station in Idle Police Tycoon

Introduce about Tycoon Business Game

As a highly realistic game, Tycoon Business Game is very popular today. You will directly run a tycoon company and make it the biggest in the city. Detailed simulation gameplay helps you feel the most realistic way. Starting a business as a real entrepreneur, you will learn a lot in this game. Join us to discover more details about this great game!

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Observe your company growth

Starting a small business

The beginning is always difficult! This is true from reality and also in Tycoon Business Game. Lack of finance, facilities… make it impossible for you to develop quickly. You need to start from a small business. An unknown business and only you. You have to do everything from management, strategic planning, self-employment, self-finding… Stepping through the first difficult period is that you have set one foot to success.

Grow and expand

When you start to gain profits and fame, you can expand your business model. Try to create a modern and advanced facility first. Use the money earned to upgrade modern equipment for your company. Besides, establishing subsidiaries, more diverse models to cover the whole city. Establish specific strategic models and run the growing company. This is when your talent needs to be showcased to get a foothold in the business field.


A company cannot lack employees, so you need to hire qualified people. You don’t need to personally perform the work in the company anymore. Now you just need to plan, strategize and then run the staff to execute. It is important now that you assign employees to their abilities. From accountants, operations staff to cleaning staff, you need to allocate appropriately. Once you have enough employees, you can focus on growing your business.

Tycoon Business Game MOD 444x599
More than 20 countries can cooperate

Idle feature

Your company is still operating normally and passionately even when you are offline. Indeed! Thanks to the idle feature in the game, you can set up employees to work and grow automatically. Each time you re-enter the game, you will receive a large amount of economy to upgrade. Therefore, this game is quite suitable for busy players. They don’t need to be online too much and can still speed up the game.

Some other features in Tycoon Business Game

The variety of content is the main attraction of this game. You not only focus on a single gameplay, but also enjoy many other exciting activities.

  • You can invest in startups based in different countries. Then bid in countries with contracts;
  • The business environment is more competitive than ever. Currently, there is a set maximum allowed purchase of business and transport units;
  • Mining resources like gold invest in startups. Buy a football team and become the president to make your own fun.
Tycoon Business Game MOD APK 444x599
Expand your business in many fields


As a simulation game, we cannot ask Tycoon Business Game to have high-quality and high-end visual effects. However, it still possesses quite eye-catching, vivid 3D graphics with many colors. The company’s images, setting the context… show a most authentic business. You will feel the feeling of running a large company, with many different business models. The sound in the game is mainly background music, it changes constantly to create a lot of inspiration for players.

MOD APK version of Tycoon Business Game

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money : Endless Gold Coins

Gold coins are extremely important, it helps you quickly expand your facilities and business scale. However, you won’t have much gold to spend at first. Therefore, our MOD APK version will help you speed up the game. You can quickly become a notorious business tycoon in the city.

Download Tycoon Business Game MOD APK for Android

Too much attractive content is included in the business management simulation game Tycoon Business Game. This game is also highly realistic, helping you practice many skills for yourself. You can visit countless locations and get acquainted with many business models around the world. These exciting experiences you can only see in this game. Do not hesitate any longer, download the game and start your business journey right now!

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