Hot Gym v1.2.4 Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Last updated: 08/02/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.2.4
MOD Info:Unlimited Money
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Recently, Nutaku has just released a new simulation game with an idle theme like FAP CEO, called Hot Gym.

Introduce about Hot Gym

Perhaps you are no stranger to the adult game on Nutaku anymore. Those games bring you interesting experiences, even addictive. Most are role-playing, simulation, or strategy games. Featured in it is the FAP CEO, an idle simulation game we introduced earlier. And the game introduced in this article will definitely bring an equally interesting experience. That is the Hot Gym.

As the name implies, you’ll run a gym instead of managing a company like Fap CEO. This game new game is being play the way here does not long by Nutaku Publishing. The developer of this game is Hooligapps. Nor are they a well-known developer.

The content of the game

In the game Hot Gym, you will become a gym manager. But this is a special gym, unlike anywhere you’ve ever practiced in real life. Will there be muscular guys, or obese people in this gym? Is not! All the people who practice in Hot Gym are extremely beautiful and charming girls. You will be managing them and playing with them as your lovers.

Idle, addictive gameplay

Your mission in this game is to develop your gym and satisfy the needs of the girls. They are girls who crave love, they crave the taste of men. Unlock them from the boxes and let them practice, they need to sweat. Let them practice as often as possible and sweat as much as possible.

Those drops will be used to spend on other things like training equipment and clothing. You also need to upgrade more stats to be able to get more sweat drops from the girls’ training. Then there will be clicker games for you to unlock their hot scenes. This is your ultimate goal in this game.

Version of Google Play

Why is there a version on Google Play? After the original version of Hot Gym on Nutaku received the love of players around the world, the developer of this game brought it to Google Play. However, this is not a full version like it does on Nutaku. Google Play does not allow games with “hot scenes” to appear in the store. Therefore, the developer has removed the sweet images, cutscenes in the original. Instead, you can only admire a few charming images of the character.

For Google Play version, currently the game is limited to some countries. However, you can still experience the game thanks to our MOD APK. If you enjoy watching hot scenes, play the original. And the new version on Google Play is for those who like the idle gameplay of this game.

New features updated

In the new version, Hot Gym has been adding new features. Including new interesting levels for you to explore. Several new characters have also been added. Of course, those are extremely beautiful girls with styles from many countries around the world. In addition, in the new version, you will not encounter some minor bugs of the old version. Hot Gym is constantly adding new features, so that their players do not get bored. Because then, even if you play the game for several months in a row, you still enjoy it.

Player rating

Since its launch, the game has attracted a large number of players from all over the world. Along with that are many different reviews about this game. Here, we have compiled some of the most prominent reviews on the Hot Gym forums.

“In the past, I only liked playing FAP CEO. But since the Hot Gym, I have two choices that I love. That is the idle game genre, which does not require much good thinking. skill that is still playable. Every day, I spend a few hours playing it, it’s really entertaining. But I want more and more beautiful, cut-scenes and images. “

“The gameplay is not so unique. But in return, it has a pretty character system and a hot body. This is the strength of the Nutaku games. Another thing is that the minigames of the real Hot Gym.” Difficulty, I rarely hit the target to unlock new photos. “

“If you are bored of the usual idle games, choose Hot Gym. Although the gameplay is not new, in return you can see the enchanting images of the characters in the game.”

MOD APK version of Hot Gym

MOD feature

  • Drops are not wasted;
  • Coins (prestigious currency) increase with spending.


What is the difference between the Nutaku version and the Google Play version?

The Nutaku version will feature a ton of hot images and cutscenes and the Google Play version will not. And of course, the Nutaku version is for adults only.

Is there a way to get past mini games? They are really hard.

Those games are really hard, if you play normally it is hard to get through. But you can choose our MOD version. And please refer to how to play through the REDMOD video.

How to quickly complete the level?

You need to know how to manage the staff of the gym. At the same time, you must come up with the right business strategies. And a pretty simple way, it’s playing our MOD version.

Can I play this game when I am 16 years old?

The developer announced that the original game on Nutaku is only for people 18 years or older. Of course, no one can forbid you from trying it out. But you should choose the Google Play version, it will work for you.

Is Hot Gym APK file safe?

Of course it is safe. It does not contain viruses or any other threats to your device. It has been carefully examined by us.

How to install APK file?

If you do not know how to install the APK game, you can read the instructions here.

Is there a game like Hot Gym? I really like this genre.

FAP CEO, an idle game with the same theme will be a great choice for you.

Download Hot Gym MOD APK for Android

Hot Gym gives you a new gameplay compared to other games on Nutaku. A simple gameplay like FAP CEO, but the theme is more unique and interesting. Even the visuals in the game are also beautifully designed and eye-catching. What are you waiting for without downloading Hot Gym MOD APK to experience it!

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