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Last updated: 13/01/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:2.0.0
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Kamihime PROJECT R APK is a turn-based role-playing game, featuring adult content. It was developed by EXNOA, an unpopular developer. And the game was launched in August 2018, so far it’s been nearly two years. But the number of Kamihime PROJECT R players did not decrease, but continued to increase. This game is constantly updating new versions, to add new content for players to experience. Therefore, Kamihime PROJECT R has always been liked by many players.

Introducing Kamihime PROJECT R

The plot of the game

Join the game, you will be brought to the past a long time ago. It was a mysterious place, in an age of amnesia. It has a thriving magical civilization and technology. Life here is inherently peaceful, but had an accident one day. A terrible disaster called Ragnarok appeared, it smashed this place. After a thousand generations, this glorious and prosperous civilization is no longer the same. Instead, it was a pile of crumbling and untouched ruins. It seemed that the disaster had stopped, but it did not. One day, the dark forces continue their intention to destroy this place by trying to bring a second Ragnarok. At this time, we need the terrifying power of Kamihime to prevent something awful from happening.

The one collecting Kamihime to save the world is none other than you. You and your childhood friend, Alyssa, are the two people who started the journey to rescue this place. You and her find the Device, and the ancient machine allows you to activate multi-dimensional gates and travel across the globe. Thanks to that, you can gather Kamihime to prepare for battle and prevent disaster.

Role-playing gameplay

Basically, Kamihime PROJECT R was developed with a familiar turn-based role-playing gameplay. Join the game, you will lead a Kamihime team against your enemies. Complete the tasks that the game system assigns to you. During the match, you will have many options such as attacks, defenses, healing and support The ability to defeat all enemies. You need to know how to use those skills appropriately to win. That will be the main game mode of the game.

In addition, you can also conquer giant and powerful Bosses. You are not alone in this game, you can fight with other players. You and the other players can even form an alliance to fight the dark forces. In the team, you and your teammates need to have their own strategy and play style. But when the fight needs to know how to support each other to defeat the enemy.

Character system

In Kamihime PROJECT R game, you can freely choose for yourself the character to experience. Each character is beautiful and possesses a charming body. One of the most popular characters in this game is Diabolos. She was extremely cute and cold as hell. In addition, Diabolos is the voice of one of the best voice actors in Japan.

Enjoy photos and videos

Although Kamihime PROJECT R is not a dating game, you can still enjoy great pictures and videos. That will be the hot and extremely attractive images from the girls in the game. You will get those photos or cut scenes after completing the mission or end the game. The images and cut scenes are also the goal for you to try to complete the task in this game.

Download Kamihime PROJECT R APK for Android

In terms of gameplay, Kamihime PROJECT R has more depth than other games on Nutaku. It is a strategic role-playing game. It dives into the role-playing game, not just a regular hentai game. You have just experienced the fascinating gameplay, while enjoying the extremely hot scenes of the girls in the game. Right now, you can download Kamihime PROJECT R APK to experience it!

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