Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend v3.3.1.0 Mod APK (Free Points)

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Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend MOD APK is a simulation role-playing game, with extremely engaging and addictive novel exploration gameplay.

Introducing Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend

Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend was released by Genius Inc on September 2nd. As you may already know, Genius is one of the most famous game studios in the visual novel game genre. Previously, REDMOD introduced many of their products, you can refer to a few games below:

And Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend is the latest product that Genius Inc brings to the mobile game market. Accordingly, it continues to be a familiar visual novel-style role-playing game. But here, you will experience a new storyline and a completely new character system.


Coming to the game, you play the role of a girl with superhuman ability to investigate and feel the power of demons. After you complete the detective course, you have been assigned the first mission. It was a mission to hunt demons together with a veteran detective. In the first days, your task is just walking around the park.

But after you notice something unusual, you can easily sense that a demon is silently watching you. The unusual thing here is that neither you nor the experienced detective can detect it. You just feel its huge energy. But in reality, up to two demons appear in this investigation of yours. However, they are not as evil as you think. They even have feelings for you. And you will begin to form mysterious relationships with these two demons, both the detective guy.

Interactive role-playing gameplay

The gameplay of the game still has the same familiar style as previous Genius games. You mainly explore the plot of the game through the narration and dialogue of the character. You are the main character, and you have to go through many different stories to reach an ending. This gameplay is free to explore. Although the plot has been built, but how the ending is completely depends on how you play.

In each situation, the game offers challenges and solutions for you to choose from. Each time, you get to choose a unique decision for your character. After each of those choices, the plot changes in its own direction. So there will be many different endings for you, which you can’t predict.

Character system

In this story, you get to meet many different characters. Including three main characters. They are guys with distinct looks and personalities that you can date. Here are the identities of those three guys:


Yuni is the first companion to accompany you on your journey to find the devil. He is a brilliant detective with a lot of experience in this mission. Outwardly, he is a quiet and quiet person. He seemed to be feeling down about something. At first, you are not comfortable with that taciturn personality. But later on, you understand Yuni’s true personality. He is a pitiful person with a warm heart. What you need to do is help him regain his spirit to have a more meaningful life.


Izumi is a suspicious demon, but has a deadly charm. He shows up in your life with sweet flirtations. As a sly demon, he knows all your tricks and also the guy Yuni. He always exudes a mysterious and sly side, but can charm any girl. You feel like he’s teasing your feelings. But that’s just a feeling, you can’t confirm everything. But what kind of person he is, you should directly play the game to find out.


You accidentally met Ichiro when he wanted to be on your team. After you caught him prowling around town, he asked to join your party. But then you realize he is a demon with a loud and aggressive personality. But that’s just what he shows, he has a weakness. That weakness is you, he softens before you and can listen to your words. You have to learn to understand the real him.

MOD APK version of Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend

MOD feature

Free Points: You can get free points without getting ads.

Download Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend MOD APK latest version for Android

Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend brings you an extremely engaging story. It has content about love, hatred, mystery and fantasy for you to explore. As for the illustrations, this game has not changed much compared to the previous visual novel games of Genius. Therefore, we do not evaluate this part in detail. For now, you can download Psychic Supernatural Boyfriend MOD APK to experience it!

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