Feral Hearts v3.1.14 Mod APK (Free Premium Choices)

Last updated: 07/06/2021 (3 years ago)

Latest Version:3.1.14
MOD Info:Free Premium Choices
Publisher:Genius Studio Japan
Package:Google Play Link

What will you do when your boss assigns you the job of managing the 4 most famous superstars in Tokyo? Can you meet their requirements? This is hard work, but if you want to do it then join the game Feral Hearts. This game belongs to the interactive genre with the story, you will be the creator of its ending.

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Introduce about Feral Hearts

Feral Hearts is the next installment in the Genius series of interactive games. The plot this time will revolve around the star training and management company. You will have the opportunity to meet Tokyo’s top superstars in many fields. If you’re lucky, you can beat their hearts and write up a romantic love story. Now join the game and make a happy ending for all!


Working in a star training company is your dream. After trying for a while, you have achieved your dream. Even if it’s just a PR assistant, it makes you happy. One day, your hardest test has happened. Your boss has an unexpected job to go, leaving you with the management of the top 4 superstars. They are currently very popular people in Tokyo. However, the lifestyle of the rich is not always as sparkling as it seems…

You accept this job with the nervousness and anxiety of an inexperienced person. Your small mistakes can cause serious losses. But luckily, they always put their trust in you with all their heart! After this time, maybe someone will fall in love with you?


Interactive gameplay with the plot is the strong point of the publisher Genius. From popular novels, they will filter the best storylines and put it into the game. The content of the story will be expressed through the dialogues between the characters. From there, you will understand the plot progress and take the initiative in all situations. After each scene, you will be faced with several different options. Each choice will pull the story in a different direction. Therefore, you should see what is the development that you want it to happen the most and choose it. Your decisions will directly affect the plot. Good ending and fullness or failure, it all depends on you!


Masaki – The Rockstar

Capable of seduction and mysticism, Masaki Matsumoto dominated the international wave as a rock god. While succeeding as a very talented human being, he longs for the endless pine forests of Hokkaido. Does his interest in you move you? Will the two of you go home to enjoy the peaceful life in the pine forest that you once dreamed of?

Taiki – Model

The sexy, sweet and highest earning model is Taiki Sakurai. He has walked the catwalks and is always featured in prestigious fashion magazines around the world. Despite his charm and talent, the boy next door is hiding a deadly secret that could end his career. Can you help him keep this dream within reach?

Kyo – Actor

Kyo Nishimura, a charming player who is used to breaking girls’ hearts on and off screen. The world is his playground and everyone else is just a supporting cast, which means he doesn’t trust you much. You are simply a PR deputy, managing him in a reluctant situation. How do you prove yourself to such a skeptic?

Hansol – K-Pop Star

The notorious and aspiring K-pop idol, Hansol Kim is possibly the hottest solo artist of his generation. But his heart yearned for something more. After fate brings you and Hansol together at a party, he can’t keep his mind off of you. Before Hansol’s active attack, will you feel the vibration or not?

Game interface

An interactive game like Feral Hearts will not have too top-notch graphics. Or any version of Genius too, they only focus on building the plot. However, the characters in the game are still well designed, beautiful and charming. Although there are only 2D graphics, the characters still have diverse and vivid facial expressions. It makes it easy to get into the plot. Combining flexibly changing background music, this game will give you many interesting experiences.

MOD APK version of Feral Hearts

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices: you can choose premium options from the start without RUBY.

Download Feral Hearts MOD APK for Android

Feral Hearts will bring you many great experiences thanks to its compelling storyline. You will experience many different emotions because of unexpected situations that keep happening. Besides, being able to decide the development and ending of the story will also create a lot of inspiration for players. What are you waiting for, join us now!

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