Aria of God Killing FANZA v1.9.5 Mod APK (Menu MOD)

Last updated: 15/03/2022 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.9.5
MOD Info:Menu MOD
Requires:Android 5.0+
Publisher:DMM Games
Package:Google Play Link

This article is for players who love the anime RPG genre. Aria of God Killing FANZA MOD APK brings an addictive gameplay with vivid, realistic 3D graphics. Its diverse features make you sit all day and still not be able to explore it all!

Introducing Aria of God Killing FANZA

EXNOA is a well-known game maker in Japan with many great products. At the end of November 2021, they announced that the Aria of God Killing FANZA game was officially launched. Another super product was born after the long wait of the fans. I also tried to download this game and experience it, so I understand somewhat about the reason why it is so hot. Please follow my article below!

The story

When I just logged into the game, my eyes were met with a rather attractive plot. It is about a mysterious space that exists in the near future. This space is called Shinsho kuryoiki and appears with a strange shape. Those trapped in this space have experienced terrifying moments. The monsters have bizarre shapes and call themselves “gods”, they attack and prey on those unfortunate humans. Modern weapons don’t seem to work on them. While they didn’t know what to do, characters capable of defeating those monsters appeared.

They are witch girls with amazing magical powers, called Diamis. They work for a righteous organization called PROV. This organization has just been formed and their purpose is to defeat the “gods” that are said to be the natural enemies of man. My friends and I will play the role of an engineer, also working at PROV. On the journey to find their base, many events have taken place. With the help of the Diamis, can the players succeed?


Without knowing the gameplay, I immediately went to the list of characters to see. I was quite surprised that this game, even though it was just released, had a lot of beautiful characters. Each character is a completely different fighting style. They also have their own storylines in the past. After a while of researching and I chose a character named Maki. She was the victim of a solar eclipse created by the “gods”. She has a stronger will for revenge than ever and her fighting prowess is quite respectable. You will receive more characters later, but the initial choice is also quite important.

Before deciding to buy a certain character, you can preview it. See if your character’s abilities and skills match your playstyle and their 3D movements. You can choose according to your preferences without following a rule. Later, you will experience some love stories with your own character. This is one of the interesting and unique features in the game.

Main gameplay

In a battle, you can carry up to 4 Diamis. Arrange the squad so you can choose the battle order of each character. Aria of God Killing FANZA is a turn-based game, so the arrangement of the team will affect the game quite a lot. Matches can be played automatically, or you can stop this feature and take control of each character directly.

The Diamis have quite diverse skills such as defense, damage or power buff. They need to take turns to accumulate MP. When this energy is full, they can perform their skills. In important battles like Boss, I usually turn off the auto feature. The reason is that I want to prevent Diamis from using skills wastefully on targets that are too low health or are not important.

The minus point in the combat system of Aria of God Killing FANZA is that it has quite a few attributes. I feel it only has physical attack and magic attack. This will reduce quite a lot of fun in the player’s strategy creation. I used to play many similar game genres and attributes like Freeze, damage stacks or poison buffs are quite interesting. But in return, Aria of God Killing FANZA has many other features for you to take advantage of such as evolution, demonic strength training, attributes linking between characters…

Many other interesting features

As I said, Aria of God Killing FANZA has a lot of interesting features. You cannot explore it all in a short time. Character power features such as weapons, evolution, and upgrades are all available. Besides that, there are countless world activities such as guilds, events, dating, World Boss and Arena. Each feature brings you many benefits and fun experiences like never before.

High quality 3D anime graphics

Worthy of a reputable unit, EXNOA has created the game Aria of God Killing FANZA with excellent graphics. They impressed me from the character design to the eye-catching battle graphics. Moreover, the characters are voiced to create a more realistic game. The visual and sound effects combine perfectly and give players a lot of inspiration for a role-playing game.

MOD APK version of Aria of God Killing FANZA

MOD features

  • Menu MOD: includes Auto win, Increase damage, Increase defense…
  • Increased compatibility with Android: our MOD version can be compatible with devices where the original version does not work
  • Note: this game needs to be launched by the DMM app. You can install it here!

Download Aria of God Killing FANZA MOD APK latest version for Android

Aria of God Killing FANZA deserves to be a super role-playing game worth experiencing. It makes me satisfied from the graphics to the gameplay and other extra features. You can track more information about the game through the official website of the publisher. Now download our MOD APK file and experience this great game right away!

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