UNITIA X v1.0.8 Mod APK (Oracle Skill, Auto Win)

Last updated: 26/10/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.8
MOD Info:Oracle Skill, Auto Win
Requires:Android 4.1+
Package:Google Play Link

Download UNITIA X MOD APK so you can join in saving the world. This role-playing game is very popular both in terms of content and top-notch graphics. Evolve your favorite characters to defeat powerful opponents and opponents!

Introduce about UNITIA X

When the world is developing many different game genres, the role-playing genre always creates an irresistible attraction. Especially the turn-based style, where the battles of strategy and thinking are promoted. Therefore, UNITIA X has kept this traditional role-playing gameplay and added other attractive features. A game that is invested in both content and beautiful graphics, giving players a top-notch product. Join us to learn more about this game!

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Countless dramatic, exciting battles


Historical moment has happened, two separate worlds collide! From that moment, the Ten Precepts were born, setting the stage for a new era of humanity. Ruine and Makhia, two characters living in the Ten Precepts, are on the run from the pursuit of a bunch of unknown people. When cornered, they are saved by a character named Terra. This person can use the mysterious power “Oracle”, an endless energy that can erase everything in the blink of an eye.

To find out the truth of the matter, Ruine and Makhia formed the Rainbow Survey team. Why are they being hunted down? What kind of underground force is that? The difficult journey ahead will give them the answer. With the help of Terra and many new friends, you lead them to reach the final answer of the game!

Character Unlock

You will start your journey with Ruine and Makhia, the first 2 characters of the plot. They are also quite strong warriors, as well as your storytellers. Story progression allows you to meet many other mysterious characters. They will join you in the Rainbow Survey team to form an unbeatable team. In particular, you will have the opportunity to meet mythical characters. They have extremely high base stats, giving you an endless source of power.

Each character will have different fighting styles and skills. You can see details about the parameters and everything related to the character in the profile section. Touch their profile picture, you will see all the information displayed. In particular, there is also the plot of the character. You will learn about their origins and special stories that happened to them.

UNITIA X MOD 888x500
Diverse characters and fighting styles

Character upgrade

To be able to go deeper in your journey, you need to upgrade your power. Your characters can evolve to gain general stat awakening. Specifically here is how you upgrade the number of stars for them. Each character can get up to 7 stars, but normally you can only get 4 and 5 star characters. You will collect character pieces and progress to upgrade when qualified.

With basic characters, finding pieces is not difficult. However, with mythological characters, it will be a bit of a challenge. You need to kill big Boss, do difficult quests and events to collect shards. Besides, you can upgrade skills to increase the damage of the character.

Attractive role-playing gameplay

Build your squad based on collected characters. Forming formations, creating tactics to apply in important battles. The battle order of the characters is very important. The reason is because there are skills that effect monsters, helping the champion to deal more damage later. Just these small details can affect the outcome of the whole match. Those are also the interesting points of turn-based gameplay.

Do you remember Terra, who saved Ruine and Makhia in the storyline. She always supports you along the way with “Oracle”. This is a form of accumulated energy, when fully charged you can activate it. This energy source when released will deal heavy damage to the entire map. That makes it easier for you to win. Each of your attacks will charge a portion of this orb’s mana.

Beautiful graphics with quality skill effects

Extreme graphics

True to the nature of an role-playing game, UNITIA X has extremely beautiful and quality 3D graphics. Especially the skill effects, they are erected by modern graphic design technology. Character images, combat and backgrounds are also extremely eye-catching. We believe that you will enjoy it from the first time you open this game. Along with lively sound, UNITIA X creates a special attraction for anyone.

MOD APK version of UNITIA X

Features MOD

  • Oracle skill after 1 attack is available
  • High DMG // Enemies also take effect
  • Auto win

After 1 attack, you can activate oracle skill, this attack all enemies. After Oracle disables, you just need to wait for the next attack to be able to re-enable it.

Download UNITIA X MOD APK for Android

UNITIA X deserves to be one of the best role-playing games today. From graphics to gameplay, the content is extremely attractive. You can sit all day with your phone and take part in this exciting journey. Don’t forget to use our MOD version then you will have many advantages in battles. Download the game now from the link below!

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