Trials of Mana APK v1.0.3 (Latest Version) Download

Last updated: 03/12/2021 (2 years ago)

Latest Version:1.0.3
MOD Info:APK Original
Requires:Android 7.0+
Publisher:SQUARE ENIX Co
Package:Google Play Link

The hit console game on PC now has a Mobile version! With more than a million downloads and sales in the world, Trials of Mana deserves to be considered a super role-playing game. Download Trials of Mana APK so you can own this game for free!

Introduce about Trials of Mana

The arrival of Trials of Mana Mobile version is really a great joy for longtime fans. This is a 3D role-playing game with extremely epic graphics. But most of all, the attractive content and gameplay are the factors that make up the appeal of this game. If you do not know this game, follow our article below!


When the world was slowly sinking into the darkness of evil and destruction, the goddess Mana appeared in time. With the legendary Mana sword, she defeated 8 Benevodons. She then sealed them into the 8 Mana Stones for good. Thanks to that, the world gradually returned to peace and people could live happily. After her journey of trying to rebuild the world, the goddess Mana was exhausted and slept soundly for many years.

Without a guardian, the evil forces have risen strongly. They find a way to unseal the 8 Benevodon. Then they began a campaign of terrible destruction and destabilizing kingdoms. The slumbering goddess Mana was also made to disappear from the world by them. Peace is over! Now, the rise of heroes is really needed. Play as one of those heroes, can you save the world?

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Diverse characters and can transform stronger


Choose three characters that you like and go to this game! Trials of Mana gives you all 6 different characters. They will appear in turn depending on the current plot development. In these 6 characters, each has a different fighting style. Including ninjas, magicians, assassins… they are all powerful characters. See which fighting style you like and choose your character accordingly. Remember, after starting the story, you can no longer change characters.

Upgrade system

Characters can level up and unlock more new features for themselves. Each time you level up, you will get more practice points. This point will be used to directly increase the character’s strength stats such as defense, attack, speed, luck… In addition, increasing the level will allow the character to unlock more stats and specials. special and new skills. Thanks to that, you can go to the last chapters of the story. Towards the end the enemy will be stronger, you need to increase your strength to the maximum.

This game also has a very special way to upgrade. Switch to light or dark classes to power up your characters and change their look. For example, Ninja Master can transform into Nightblade with mutant power. Besides, the outside is also much more majestic and beautiful. In this remake, there’s also a Layer 4 added. With over 300 different types of abilities available, there are many different ways to train and power up your character.

Various maps and difficulty

Trials of Mana has a fairly long storyline so there will be countless maps and locations in the game. Each map will be equivalent to a branch of the story. If you don’t complete the mission of this map, you will not be able to go to the next map. The different contexts create more inspiration for players to explore.

In particular, each map will have many difficulty levels for you to choose from. You can choose from four difficulty settings: Beginner, Easy, Normal, and Hard. The Beginner setting allows players to continue at the same spot no matter how many times they finish the game. If you find the action game difficult or want to focus on the story, choose this difficulty. If you choose the remaining 2 difficulty levels, you will be greatly increased the final reward. Therefore, try to overcome the high difficulty to quickly increase the strength of your character.

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Upgrade your character’s power stats

Combat system

Like any other role-playing game, you will control the character and fight monsters on your journey. Since you can carry three characters in the game, you only lose when all three fall. For example, the first character is destroyed, immediately the second and third characters appear, respectively. You can also freely change the character in the game whenever you feel the need.

In each map, you will receive quests to find the next plot. Fight with small monsters to do quests, increase the character’s level. In the end, you will have to fight extremely powerful Bosses at the end of the map. It’s really challenging, you will have to start over many times to figure out how to defeat the Boss. Although they are extremely powerful, there will also be weaknesses for you to take advantage of.

New feature

The new update feature included in the game is the option to play through flashbacks for each character in your party. You’ll also see familiar Mana Series faces as you search for Li’l Cactus in your adventures. Plus, there are additions like a new item seed type and autosave feature. These features contribute to your experience in the game.

Only on Mobile

This is a gift that the publisher gives to its players! The Mobile version of Trials of Mana will have some new features that are not available on PC. Detail :

  • Menus are operated by touch. Control characters with the directional keyboard overlay display.
  • New features added like auto-aim, auto camera and auto-battle.
  • Graphics quality options are available.
  • Compatible save to the cloud.
  • The starting item “Rabite Jewels” can be obtained, which increases the EXP gained in battle up to level 17. And “Silk Tail Jewelry”, which increases lucre gained in battle up to level 17.
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Great graphics and combat system

Great graphics and sound

This is a super product on the computer game, so there is no doubt about the graphics. After adapting to Mobile version, it still retains the same quality as the original. See the breathtaking world of Trials of Mana in full 3D rendering. Scenes and characters from the original game now feature beautifully detailed graphics. Especially the vivid and high-quality visual effects make you unable to take your eyes off.

Characters in the game are fully voiced in both English and Japanese. The characters in your party determine what additional conversations occur during your journey. Besides, this game also has a great soundtrack that plays continuously in the game. Includes more than 60 songs with arrangements by original composer Hiroki Kikuta. You can optionally choose to convert BGM to the new version or the SNES version.

This game has high quality graphics so it is quite heavy. If your phone is weak, use Pro Graphics Toolkit to optimize the graphics. So you can experience the game smoother.

APK version of Trials of Mana

Currently, you can download this game from Google Play for about 23$. Its price also varies depending on your region. But when you come to, you can experience it for free. Just download the APK file below our article and install it. Once done, you can open the game and experience the blockbuster you’ve been waiting for so long.

Download Trials of Mana APK for Android

Trials of Mana is a role-playing game worth the money and worth the experience. From engaging role-playing gameplay with an engaging long storyline, it also has extremely beautiful and quality 3D graphics. This is fun for longtime fans of the Mana Series and new players alike. You will love it for sure, download now and experience! Below is the APKs file, if you don’t know how to install this file format, click here!

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